I Saw a Comet

I went fishing with my older brother and his friend, we went to the lake but because it was illegal to fish there we went at night, I am not a huge fan of fishing the only reason why I went is because of my brothers friend, I had a crush on him. Well it was 3 AM we were walking through the golf course and I was soooo tired, then we got there and the guys were fishing, I was bored and tired so layed down on the hard stones facing the sky covered with stars. I was so close to fall sleep but I'm glad I kept my eyes open, I saw a huge beautiful comet, at first I thought if was a shooting star but there is no way because it was hugeeee and it was shining longer then a shooting star, when it disapeared I looked at the guys hoping they saw it too but they were busy with their fish. I was like "Hey guys did you see that?" They said I was dreaming and told me to go back to sleep. LOL

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Mar 6, 2007

However meteors sometimes seem to travel slowly because they are so far out in space. If you saw a fire trail it could possibly been a meteor. If it had no trail what you saw was a satellite as they move slowly in a straight course and there are dozens of them in the sky that can be seen at night as a small star like light traveling in a straight line. To rule out a satellite try laying down at night again and watch the sky above. Most satellites move from east to west. Meteors can move from west to east or north to south. Comets usually have long white tails and look like stars but move much slower than satellites and can be seen in the same path night after night but in a different position every night. I think what you may have seen was either a meteor or a satellite.