I'm Listening to Yahoo News Text Stories, How Neat Is That?

I stumbled upon this new site called http://www.BlueGrind.com. I have a visually impaired grandfather that loves the news. I am downloading the news for him and he is listening to them one by one.

What a neat idea. I thought I would share this. I am a Technology junky so for me the Technology channel works the best. I am downloading all the technology (I am also selecting some of the Business and Apple/MAC News) and the site is autoatically making a podcast. I choose 2 hours worth, and take it with me while I drive to work.

I have a one hour drive each way, so I just listen to all the new Technology related sites. Actually I found out about Experience Project from there. It was a post that "John D. had posted, I am trying to find him on this site.

I am very excited about the site, sorry if I keep repeating. It just saved me from the boring News Stations in the car and the audiobooks that cost me so much money and are old news.

More later.

joeaci joeaci
41-45, M
May 1, 2007