This was about a month ago, but I've always wanted to write about it and share it anonymously. It was just another day of CNA class at a skilled nursing facility. Our instructor came over to me and a lady I was working with and told us we had a chance to do post mortem care. I was unsure but no one else seemed phased by it. We got the person ready for their family to see them or the funeral home to pick them up. He was warm when we went in. I kept thinking maybe he was breathing. He was so still. His mouth gaping and his eyes half open. The instructor closed his eyes. By the time we left the warmth had left his body. The man was emaciated. I knew he'd been suffering, and he was finally in a better place, but seeing another person like that was awful. As soon as his things were packed up and he was ready to leave, I took my break and went into the bathroom and cried. I was able to stop but as soon as I got home I cried again. I didn't know this man. I'd only talked to him once. But I'm always going to remember him as if it were yesterday that he passed. I never really thought about how short life was until that day. It really won't be long before we're all lying on our deathbeds, reminiscing about the good old days. That day I decided to not hold grudges or argue about petty things. Life's too short for that.
lovelyyouth lovelyyouth
18-21, F
Aug 24, 2014