For Some Reason I Remember Seeing Corvette Summer...

Drive-ins were on the way out when I was growing up in the 70s... and about the only film I remember seeing at the drive-in
of my then-small Texas town was "Corvette Summer" ( ). It was the summer of 1978.

This film was HUGENORMOUS for one reason (not mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for some reason) - it was Mark Hamill's first role
since he portrayed some character named Luke Skywalker (????) in a little movie that nobody saw named "Star Wars".
It also starred a (really) young Annie Potts.

As for the film itself, I can really only remember one scene, in which the Corvette stingray was supposedly ruined by motor oil being poured all over the car and interior. Haven't seen it since then... does anybody have any memories of the movie or drive-ins themselves?

As you can see on the webpage , there are no drive-ins remaining in Louisiana. How sad is it that such an integral part of American entertainment in the 20th Century is fading away...
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Yeah I remember drive ins... Heh I actually remember that movie too! Although I saw it on tv. I remember a scene where this old corvette in a junkyard is up in the air being carried by an electromagnet and then like almost magically or fatefully a piece of the car that I believe says corvette falls at Mark Hammil's feet... And he knows he must have that car!
Wow... Thanks for the blast from the past... I don't remember much more of it, but I haven't thought or heard of that movie like in years! And drive ins... Good memories. 😀

I remember going to a drive in. I was around 10. We went to see some kid show. My Mom wanted to stay and watch all the movies. So we lay there in the back of dad's old pickup watching movies all night. The only show I remember tho was the Madonna Blonde Ambition Tour. My parents left 10 min into the show.