A Few of Them...

My first time at a drive-in was less than spectacular.  I fell asleep during Lara Croft AND lost my gameboy color by leaving it on the ground when I got in the car (stupid stupid stupid)  I was awake for The Animal however and enjoyed it a bit.  Don't remember much about the theater though...

Second time was better.  Another drive-in, this one with three screens.  I think this was the time we watched Transformers.  Well, my little cousin Ryan and I watched it.  My mom and other cousin Jocelyn watched the latest Harry Potter.  The theatre was having some problems that night.  The Transformers screen started to inch up so that the top of the movie was on the bottom of the screen a bit, haha.  And they started to play Nancy Drew instead of Harry Potter.

Third time was another bit of a let-down.  I wanted to watch the Bourne Ultimatum but was instead forced to sit through Underdog.

I don't remember which of the last two times it was, but one of those two times we changed to another screen and watched 1408 - which I had already seen and knew I love but Jocelyn hadn't seen it.  It terrified her  ^__^

This time also Ryan was off to the side watching Evan Almighty.  I think it was the second trip (Transformers one)


This drive-in is haunted too.  Sitting there watching Underdog, my mom, Jocelyn and I all saw things moving out of the corners of our eyes.  Same spot, same time.  :o

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Not sure what drive-in your going to. But before the drive-ins in my town became obsolete....I had great fun and great memories!<br />
<br />
Try watching Clint Eastwood's movie "Hang em' High" at a drive in. What a RUSH!!!