As a Kid, and On a Date, Because I Lived On the East Coast Then,

I think there's one a bunch of miles from here, but the thrill is gone - I am beyond the "make out in a car" stage, and I appreciate surround sound and a sharp focus - that's why I watch films at home!

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I remember being at a drive-in twice with my parents and sister. First movie was not at all what my parents expected, so of course my sister and I saw the whole thing! The second one was Lady and the Tramp and we fell asleep. Only went to a drive-in once after that, I was late teen, probably would have been a make out situation, but it was a scary movie where camp counselors were being murdered and it was two days before I was to leave to be a camp counselor. Bad choice/timing for my date! I agree with you, unfortunately with today's technology the thrill of the drive-in is gone.