I've Seen Several "Shooting Stars"... (But that isn't what they are. :-) )

O.k. So we all know (or should!) that they aren't stars. Stars don't fall or shoot across the sky. What we're seeing are meteors - small particles or fragments of rock or space-debris which burn up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere. And they aren't as uncommon as people think. I've seen many in my life, on occasion I've seen several in one night. It depends on the viewing conditions. If you are in an area with a lot of light pollution and you can't see the stars clearly at night, you probably won't see any meteors either. But if you go to a place with little or no light pollution, and look up at the sky, you will see the stars much more clearly and be more likely to see a meteor or two. If you are in a good spot away from city lights, and stare at one spot of the sky for long enough, you are almost guaranteed to see a meteor. They are really fun to watch. So happy star - er, I mean meteor-gazing! :-)
BowieGirl BowieGirl
22-25, F
Oct 20, 2010