"We Saw A Little Star That Went On And Off And Kept Jumping . . ."

One morning (on 070806) five of us teachers were travelling to school while it was still dark .We worked at a scool 112km away from where we lived and had to head out early in order to be there on time (07h00) in the mornings.
On this specific morning all of us in the car noticed a star ( it looked 100% liked the surrounding stars and the sky was very dark and clear) that seemed  to go on and off (lasting no longer than a second)  and everytime the light came on again,it'd junp about 4 fingers held at arm's length (2-3 degrees)
We watched it for about a minute moving from about 45 degrees on the NE horison to overhead when we lost it.
The other teachers in the car were not curious and said must have been a ghost. . some said that it had to be something the farmers had "put up there"
Well,by that time I had been watching the skies as an amateur astronomer for 35 years and I can tell you there is no way that it it could have been a man made  object."Jumping" 2-3 degrees at that height meant that it was travelling  at a tremendous speed - It was just instantly here and then a second later there . .all the time moving in a set direction
There is too much denying these experiences  . .Buzz Aldrin,a trained astronaaut,said he had seen one on the trip to the moon.Steve Hawkin says we "must not talk to them".I know the stories of many airline pilots that have reportedly made these sightings.
In Time Magazine (about one month ago) there is an article saying that we are alone out here . ..and that we are not likely to ever get a sign back from 'them'.I don't agree:.Even the bible talks about the signs  . ."the powers of the heavens will be shaken . .: (LUke 21:26)
I regard UFO's much like ghosts. .may be it is at another non physical level . .who knows? We feel so bound by our own laws of physics that we are deaf to anything that seem to "disobey" these laws.(Has anybody ever been able to explain how Yuri Geller had been able to bend spooons with his "brain waves" in the 70's?)
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Apr 12, 2011