I'm always glimpsing up at the sky, searching for that one moment in time where my hopes and my dreams are just a glimpse away... They say to wish on a falling star and well because of how rare you catch it, you never know it just might come true? Call me supersticious, I call it hopeful.

So many times I've laid there in the thickness of the wet green grass gazing at my friends who laugh and smile at me with their tiny gesture of a twinkle. What wouldn't I give just to be one of them. It's nearly like I'm not made for this world, like I am but just another falling star... The moment so familiar and so breathe taking. It's so quick it's appearance and yet so like someone had just pressed the slow button on a remote.

How genius of such a moment, that collects all that love has ever offered me. A fading hope. Just when you think you've got it... you don't... It's that glimpse where you rush yourself to make that wish, which usually is too late... So all you are left with is just that glimpse, that moment, that fading hope... In order to love, you must know what you want... You can't think of all the wishes you want to make, you have to know what that ONE wish is.... Or else by the time you've made all your left is with the memory, because it's gone...

Take it from my experience. Know what you want before you enter a relationship... Catch that moment and allo it to last by knowing exactly wat you want of that moment and don't let it fade away... Like I have so many times....

My moment? What do I want? What would I wish for... Being prepared.... I would ask for his heart... Wish for it... In that moment would I have it?

LadySoulist LadySoulist
22-25, F
Apr 22, 2008