It Was Awsome !!

There i was sitting outside... feeling a little bit higher than low... when i looked up after hanging up the Ph...and i took a deep breath opened my eyes and looked to the sky and....and.... I SAW A FALLING STAR !!   SHOOTING STAR !!  PPFFFTT  WHATEVER.... it was falling... ARGHHHHH I HAD GOOSEBUMPS.... i had no one to tell... just as well.... I made a wish....oooooo i did i did.  I think I'll be looking up from now on... it was an aw some feeling... i even let out a whoop and then thought... wish id brought a lotto ticket... NAH !! just kidding.. CAN NEVER TELL... oooo I feel like a giggly school girl... tehhehehehe
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2 Responses May 11, 2007

We were 5 teachers in a car travelling to school in the very early morning -we had to travel 112km everyday there and 112km back.It was on the 07082006 and my wife and I were sort of sit -lying in the back of the car.Then we both spotted a star which seemed to go on and off ,but every time it went on it moved 2-3 degrees.It was not an aeroplane or these things travelling around the earth carrying all the technology and stuff.It looked EXACTLY like a star.<br />
We followed it as it was moving through the sky.It moved from right to left but also came in our direction.The other teachers noticed it too - they said it must have been something the farmers put up.One said she believed it was a ghost.<br />
My wife and I just did not reply.Whatever it was,it was very high up in the sky and to move 2-3 degrees in every second when it went on and off meant that it was moving at an incredible speed.<br />
But you know what people are like:because they did not know what it was,they did not want to discuss it either.No one said a word futher.<br />
Yes,just like you saw that falling star and perhaps wondered (hoped ?) it was something special,so did we in that morning.But you know what:people are not open to experiences like that.It does not fit into their world of references . .so these things are just ignored like it never happened.<br />
God Bless

lol your funny