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Sharing a Small Bathroom with my Teenage Daughter

My 14-year-old daughter and I were in the city.  After having lunch, we both needed to pee rather badly.  The receptionist as the restaurant directed us to an elevator, and told us to take it to the basement.  Upon arrival in the basement, we discovered a large, dark room with a very small, and surprisingly clean, bathroom in the corner.  In the small bathroom, there was a sink, a toilet, and a urinal at right angles to the toilet.  Someone sitting on the toilet would be looking directly at a user of the urinal.

I had not seen my daughter undressed since she was about 9 or 10, nor had she seen me undressed since that time.  However, she slept in a loose tank top, so I had seen her breasts many times.  As she was my daughter, I never thought of her sexually.

She said “don’t you leave me alone,” so I entered the bathroom with her.  She saw my hesitation, and said “haven’t you seen a naked woman?” and proceeded to unzip her pants, and pull down her pants and undies.  She partially lifted her shirt to expose her stomach a little, then squatted and began to pee.  I had known she had “adult” breasts, but was a little surprised to see her clitoris amidst her pubic hair.  She then said, “Go and use the urinal.”  I had these strange underwear that had no fly, so I had to partially pull them down, fully exposing my penis and testicles.

So, here we are in this bathroom standing with her vagina area about 6 inches from my penis, both of us peeing.  I could see she was looking at my penis, and I returned the look at her.  I didn’t feel any sexual attraction to her, but strangely didn’t mind her looking at my penis.  And she didn’t seem to mind me looking at her either.

We both stood there longer than we needed to, looking at each other’s exposed body parts.  She started to lean in front of me to reach the toilet paper, then thought better of it.  Then she asked me to hand her some toilet paper, which was on the other side of the urinal.  She needed 3 more pieces of toilet paper, than we dressed, washed, and went on our way.

alan123454321 alan123454321 36-40, M 24 Responses May 17, 2010

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She sounds like she was into you, bro. You should've tapped it.


I was brought up naturist an was always naked with dad until he left us :/ the more you see each other the less of a big deal it will be <3

Sounds like things worked out okay.

Quite often in Europe you will run into Unisex bathrooms, No big deal.

My daughter got in trouble at school caught giving a boy a blow job, initially shocked an worried I couldn't shake the image of her doing it, someone shoot me


There is no need for you to be figuratively "shot".

A brief, calm conversation with your daughter about
"time & place" will certainly suffice!

It is no differnt that when you saw each other when you were both younger. Nothing to be shy about.

I've seen my stepdaughter naked a few times, it's hot and the naked body is beautiful. .

ever touch her?
just wondering

Only wrestling around with her or putting sun tan lotion on her..quite arousing

You saw your kid naked and she saw you. Not a big deal.....

the 9 and 10 not too bad either

she would have not only saw my *****, but an effluence of preecum


I think I would have got hard, especially both of you knowing that you took longer than usual to look at each other. I'd try and take her back to that bathroom again and see if it happens again or if more?

I always get a hard on around her naked and my 9 inch cocktail if very noticeable hard, she's mentioned it to me..

Everyone pee's. we only come in 2 choices. half the people have an innie. Half have an outie. Even dads and daughters.

That's hott

yes it is

yes it is

yes it is

Sounds sexy.

She must have an enormous clitoris if you could see it through the hair.

That is awsome how is it that you went to the sme bathroom nd didn't have fun(sex)

why is it thought of such a big deal for father and daughter see each other naked im sure she new what a guy looked like and had seen it all before on someone

It\'s just taboo, there isn\'t anything wrong with nudity in any case

what size was your daughters breasts?

That is why my daughter asked me for the toilet paper. She brushed against my penis as she was leaning forward. As I was using my hand to direct my penis (and the direction of my pee), I accidentally brushed against her pubic hair. As you said, we are family, and none of it felt sexual at all.

wow, I just got so hard!

I would of tried to touch her **** wwith your penis or even tried to push it in a bit

I would of told her to **** me off until i was ready to ***. And then i would tekk her to lick her tongue out so i could shoot my load down hee throat. And the i would stick my **** in her ***** and *** some more

I have changed clothes with my Dad in confined spaces. A few years back, we changed in a very small changing room (only one available, and we had changed before). It did brush against his penis a few times (accidentally, of course) and my breasts were pushing on his arms . Nothing sexual, no arousal, and no big deal. We're family. I think I'll create a poll.

It is nice to be anonymous. To answer your questions as best I can:<br />
<br />
Contrary to popular belief, men do not get erections any time there is an undressed woman. There are many non-sexual situations where a man can be undressed with a woman. I had a painful, but minor problem that landed me in an emergency room. A quite attractive female doctor had to examine my penis, and there was no erection. And, I have never thought of my daughter in a sexual way. I think it is in the human dna to not think of one's child in a sexual way.<br />
<br />
I watched as she pulled down her underwear, and was a little surprised to see pubic hair, never having seen her remove her underwear before. Beyond that, I later felt I could be more honest and open with my daughter, since we had fewer "secrets" now. Any time she undresses in front of me or visa versa, I feel a barrier has been removed and we can communicate better.<br />
<br />
As far as my daughter first seeing my penis, that seemed completely natural given the situation. It didn't bother me at all. I also felt it was very natural for her to look at my penis.<br />
<br />
The most awkward part of the whole situation was we were peeing in very close proximity to each other. Neither of us wanted to stay in that cramped and isolated bathroom for any longer than necessary. We were so close together. Her breasts were resting against the side of my arm as we stood peeing. But it seemed a bit unsafe being down there, and we wanted to get out.<br />
<br />
I have never asked my daughter how she felt about all this. How about reciprocating and telling me your feelings undressing in front of your Father.

It was a little awkward at first for me to pull down my underwear, but I figured that if she could do it, so could I. And it was so tight in that small bathroom. But that even somehow seemed natural. Strangely, it seemed almost more natural to be undressed together like that and peeing than to have used separate restrooms. Don't ask me why.<br />
<br />
Overall, it made life a lot smoother. After that, it seemed unatural to create barriers when changing clothes. I think it surprised my wife the first time I changed my underwear with my daughter in the room.<br />
<br />
I also help her with her homework, and at times it takes a while. She used to somehow remove her bra with her shirt on, and switch from a shirt to her sleeping tank top never being completely topless. Now, the shirt and bra just come off. It just seems completely natural.<br />
<br />
Just curious, would it have bothered you to pull down your underwear standing right next to your Father? Is the younger generation less modest than my generation?

I do it too