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With Son At Mountain Cabin

I spent part of a week in a mountain cabin with my 19 year old son.  The rest of our family met us a few days later.  The cabin was not heated but it was spring so not cold in the day but a little cool at night.  The wood floor had cracks in it and you could see the ground.  There were squirrels or rats or something rustling around under the floor.  There were huge ponderosa pine trees around that rustled with the wind.  We saw deer almost every night around dusk. 

There was a bathroom in the cabin but no door so not much privacy.  I’m usually modest but I showered and there was just a cloudy glass divider on the shower.  I know my son watched me because I could see him when he showered.    He started to stroke himself when he was in the shower and I could see his erection.  I was very embarrassed and angry and I was going to yell at him but then I decide it it probably normal. I don’t think he finished when he came out he was still mostly erect with swollen purple head.  Shame on me for looking. 
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It is nice that he can come out naked with an erection in front of you. I would not even do that coz I know my parents would tease me about that and it would go for days. LOL

I tried to add you but it said no?

What did your son see you doing? peeing?

Being nude was ok,the hardon part was shameful

Being nude was ok,the hardon part was shameful

I dont see the problem. When I ws a teenage girl I would find any excuse to go into the bathroom while my dad was taking a shower so that I could see him naked. I usually got a full frontal view. The first time I saw him erect I was abourt 14 and I could not believe what I was seeing. I saw him a few times erect after that and just pretended not to look at him. Now, about 15 years later, he has told me that he knew what I was doing. We laugh about it.

Would like to hear more about what happened the next night. Did you put on a show for him when you showered?

If he could watch you through the glass, he knew that you could see him. He knew that you could see him stroking. I would say he wanted you to see. And if he was still fairly erect when he came out, he wanted you to see that too. <br />
Next time make light of the situation. Say something like,"Everything come out alright?" And I would love to hear that you have given him a hand.<br />
I would love to hear more.

I always have thoughts of being caught completely nude by my mom, but there is never really a chance unless somehow she walks over to the side I stay in at our vacation house in the summer. If anyone has any "tips" other than a shower excuse please let me know.....

Read between the lines. She was naked in front of her son. She saw him get an erection, and felt guilty about it. She was watching her son "stroke himself" in the shower. I am sure she watched him ***, but didn't want to say that in the story. I think she wanted to say how badly she felt about the fact that her son was turned on seeing her naked, and then watching him ***. She said her piece, and left.

katiepj2003 all of a sudden isn't a member of experienceproject anymore. Very strange.

You DEFINATELY have to tell us about these other encounters!!!! :)

I agree with magnetcclip. Nudity should be shared and enjoyed. Too bad you didn't have a LONG conversation after he got out of the shower about the nudity issue. It could have been fun.

I spent lots of hotel time with my mom growing up, and seeing each other just was part of the routine. There should be no shame in viewing a body naked, feel good in the fact that your son got some excitement, at that age you walk around with perpetual wood. Be free with yourself.

No shame, nudity should be open both ways

No shame at all in your being naked together. Don't worry about the erection, guys get them a lot.

I don't see any problem if you and your son see that you are both attractive when nude.

I would have loved it if i were in your situation if my mom had come given me a hand, especially when i obviously need one ;-)