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Seeing My Brother **********

I was really embarrassed to tell this story, but after reading some of the stories on this site, I guess it’s OK.  I walked in on my older brother ************.

I was about 14.  My breasts had enlarged considerable recently, but I was wearing my 13-year-old clothes - a stretched tank top and tight gym shorts.  No bra, so when I leaned over, my breasts were there for all to see.

My Mom had called my brother for dinner, and he did not answer.  I went to his room to call him on my Mom’s authority.  I opened the door, and walked over to his bed where he was lying.   I assumed he was asleep, and I had Mom's authority to wake him up.  So I walked over to him and leaned over to wake him up.  As a more mature teenager, I realize that he must have had a great view of my ****, but I didn't think that way then.   As I leaned over, I noticed his hand stroking his quite erect penis, which was now touching my stomach because I was leaning over. 
It was at that moment that he came, landing *** on my shirt, stomach, breasts, and a little on my face.  I remember watching what I now know is *** shooting from his penis, and wondering what it was.  He kept rubbing his penis on my stomach, and more came out.  Forgetting for a moment that I was a girl (a year before I was flat chested), I took off my shirt and demanded a towel.  I settled for a T-shirt to wipe my chest.  He offered to help me wipe my chest, which I accepted.  I now realize that he was just trying to touch my breasts, which he did.  I offered to help wipe him off, which he accepted.  I really had no clue what was going on.

He told me not to tell my Mom, as it was a guy's secret, and guys had to do this at least once a week or they would go crazy.  He said it was the first time he did it, and I could tell in his eyes it was the truth.  He told me that girls had to do it to, and when I was older I would understand.
We never again speak of that episode.  I am sure we both think of it from time to time.  Recently, I wondered what would have happened if Mom walked in and saw me topless, with my brother’s *** on my chest.  Glad that didn’t happen.
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very amazing story. ************ is all natural. Both of you should never worry about what happened. I think it's all cool that it did and you were able to tell us that awesome story. Thanks.

Your brother getting off to you the way he did seems mental.
When I was 12-13, the right side of my bed use to be against a wall, and for some reason, I found it completely relaxing to have my legs sort of lean against it well above my head while watching tv, then my sister would pop in and I would quickly resume a more natural position, she thought I was ************... Also, I destroyed her ***** vhs tape after I *********** to it many times lol. Also we took a shower together, around the same time, she laughed at my **** :L Showed her friends and her that I *********** to ***** channels full of static. And she probably recognized the influx of *****/hentai on the family computer once I started getting unbelievably tween horny. This was the extent of odd sister brother **** for me of the same context.

Lol that's such a awesome story my crazy brother when first learned to ********** he was 15 and I was 19 he thought it would be funny to ********** and *** on my while I'm sleeping he has done it to me and my mum a few times my mum said the 1 time she woke pubic hair mum and don't sleep with any underwear the last time he did it I woke up and look twice and saw him between my legs wanking his thick hard **** with the swollen pointed right at my bare ***** but before I could say work in saw him blow his all over my shaven ***** it felt really I could feel of it go into my hole for some reason I felt sorry for him and I let him have his moment I told he has to lick all his *** of my ***** and he sucked my ***** so good I think I came like for time then it felt really wierd that my brother had given me the best ****** of my life and I'm 19 and he is 15 and I want to do it again but we never did touch check other again we pretended that nothing haPpened and we never spoke about it again .

I'm glad that no one walked in on me while I was engaged in "self relief". My room was up a steep set of steel stairs so I had some advance warning.

You have a very lucky brother.