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Saw My Younger Brother Naked

--- By Becky Romero ---

I have two brothers: Bobby who is a year older than me and Matt who's almost 3 years younger.

One weekend back in the spring of 2004, Matt had come home after playing basketball with some friends. I was heading out with my friends Libby, Ashley and Libby's sister Michelle to go shopping. Libby, Ashley and I were 18 then, Michelle a year older than us. Matt was 15 at the time.

Just after we left, Matt went into one of the downstairs bathrooms to take a shower. We had barely gone a couple of blocks when Ashley realized she had forgotten her purse, so we turned around. Libby then said it was just as well, she needed to pee. Michelle and I decided to go inside as well and grab some bottled water.

Libby ran off into the guest bathroom while the rest of us headed into the kitchen. About a minute or so later, in walks Matt, naked as the day he was born, with his dirty clothes, walking towards the laundry room.

Matt (that's NOT him, btw, in the photo) yelped in embarrassment as the three of us stood there in shock staring at him. (Libby and Ashley had seen Matt bottomless before - they and two more of my girlfriends had ganged up on him and depantsed him once a couple years earlier, but I wasn't present at the time and hadn't seen him naked since he was around 5-years old or so.) As Matt dropped his clothes and turned to run out of the room, Libby walked in from the other direction and screamed in shock. Matt, in his haste, slipped and went down, yelling out in pain.

At first, Matt thought he had just twisted his ankle (turned out it was broken). I called the medics while Libby, who couldn't help but grin at my naked brother (who always had a really bad crush on her), took her time fetching him the smallest towel she could find. Ashley and Michelle were concerned, of course, but didn't mind making Matt feel embarrassed with their grins and hovering over him. I knew my brother was already embarrassed enough without me added to the stares, so I went outside to wait for the medics.

The two medics arrived in about ten minutes, one guy and one woman, both in the mid or late twenties. The female medic tried to suppress her grins, not too successfully, as they did the usual workup on Matt, taking his vitals, etc. They strongly suggested taking Matt in the ambulance and the female medic, Libby and Michelle helped my brother put on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. The medics took him out to the ambulance as I went upstairs to get him some clothes for later and we followed the ambulance in Ashley's car.

At the hospital emergency room, a nurse eventually came out to tell us they had put a cast on my brother's ankle. We asked if we could see him and couldn't help but laugh when she said yes, but maybe not all at once since he only had a pair of boxers and t-shirt on and he might feel embarrassed with us seeing him in his underwear. We filled her in on what happened and, after laughing for a bit, sent us all on in. My friends of course couldn't resist hovering over Matt, voicing their concerns for his welfare and stroking his shoulders and arms, giving him hugs and kisses on the cheek, Ashley in particular, as he lay there on the bed. I caught him staring down Ashley's loose top at her ample cleavage and it didn't take too long before Matt's boxers produced a little tent (yes, I said 'little'). Just then a nurse walked over and asked us to step out, that she was going to help Matt get dressed into the clothes I had brought.

The embarrassment wasn't over for Matt because with that cast on, he had a difficult time keeping himself clean. He tried washing himself at the sink, but after a week he was becoming obvious he really need a good bath. My older brother was away at college and he was too embarrassed to ask our mom for help, despite her offers.

One night, anxious to go out with some friends and embarrassed that he smelled, he finally worked up the courage to ask me to help him sit down into the bathtub. He turned a dozen shades of red just asking me, shades that got even more red when I helped him. He kept his boxers on until I left the room. Of course, once he was down bathing he couldn't help himself up though and thus couldn't avoid me seeing him naked again when I helped him out of the tub.

About a week later, he was heading out again with some friends and asked for my help again. Since Libby was over our house, I couldn't resist ribbing him in front of Libby how embarrassed he was, that Matt even insisted on keeping his boxes on as he got into the tub even knowing he wouldn't have them on when he'd need my help standing up out of it.

I teased him: ''So, what would you prefer, Matt? Me helping give you a bath or Libby giving you a bath?''

He responded, ''How about me giving Libby a bath?'' just as Libby walked back into the kitchen. She wouldn't let him forget that remark.

Although he was still embarrassed about having me help him into the tub, I still helped him after that while he had the cast on. On Mother's Day, though, we were all going out and my older brother and his fiancé, Kris, were coming to the house. Matt, as usual, was insisting on keeping his boxers on while I'd help him into the tub. I guess I was a little inconsiderate that day, and insisted that, no, he should take them off ''now'' while he was standing, that it wasn't any bid deal (pun not intended - although it could be as such - lol).

After some hemming and hawing, Matt finally did so, complaining that he just didn't want me to see him get an ''accidental'' erection and that he sure wished he could ask another girl to him bathe rather than me, his sister.

Of course, I understood his embarrassment: his older teenage sister seeing him naked. So, when he called out from behind the bathroom door that he was down bathing and needed help out of the tub, why not, I figured, grant him that desire?

Yes, that's right. I sent Kris on in. lol

Within a couple of seconds, Matt was screaming, ''What the ****, Becky?!''

I then walked in and calmly reminded Matt that he had just said that he wished it there was another girl that could help him out of the tub instead of me and that since Kris just happened to be here.. ''This way, you don't have to be as embarrassed if you 'accidentally' get hard.''

After grinning at him and leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek, (our now sister-in-law) Kris reassured Matt, ''Don't worry, I'm leaving the room.''

I then helped Matt out of the tub, but couldn't resist granting his 'wish' one more time.

A few days before he got his cast off, he needed help to get in the tub again. This time, with Libby over, I sent her into the bathroom when he called out he was ready for me to come in. He again yelled out in embarrassment but this time, I peeked my head in the doorway and said, "Not this time, Matt. Libby's going to help you since you're so worried about getting hard in front of me.''

Of course, after some small talk that included Libby teasing my brother about the crush he always had on her, she insisted on pulling off his boxers. But poor Matt. He not only got hard but Libby momentarily left the bathroom for a few minutes with a wide grin on her face. (Matt has a certain self-control problem when he gets hard.)

Then she went back in, insisting that Matt stand in the tub with the foot with the cast on it out while she gave him a sponge bath. I peeked in a few seconds to see Matt standing there, one hand on the safety rail and the other holding a crutch to help steady himself, blushing with another full erection as Libby washed him and shampooed his hair. Finally, I figured what the hell - and walked on in and Libby and I both helped him step over the side of the tub and I just stood there averting my eyes occasionally while Libby toweled him off.

Despite his embarrassment, Matt had lamented to Libby, ''Why couldn't (her boyfriend) have met Becky instead of you.''

But Matt finally got over his crush on Libby and is now dating (and living with) my friend Ashley's younger sister. But he still gets red-faced anytime any of us remind him of his broken ankle back in 2004.
BeckyRomero BeckyRomero 26-30, F 40 Responses Jul 12, 2010

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matt is so lucky

You are a cool older sister. Really.


Always loved this story of your brother.

Bare Hugs

What a good story. I always wanted a younger brother to goof around and about. Thank you for sharing. Older female friends looking at a slightly younger guy nude is totally funny. LOL

I have so many stories but EP won't let me post them.

A great, fun story, Becky! At least everyone had a sense of humor to help them through the awkward moments...
Best Wishes, AT

Ditto to what justsomeguy66696 said!

Great Story! However embarassed he was at the time, I will bet he now looks back on all that with fondness (the naked part, not the cast part). I so wish I had had a sister like you when I was growing up!

no fun making fun of his...member

That was a bit mean of you! but sibling teasing is what it is lol! I'm glad, in some ways, you weren't around to give my sisters too many ideas like that lol!


Looking to adopt any more little brothers?

You're a good writer.

nice story...


Now that was just mean the way that you treated him,,,,,,,,,,,

I have actually been in that situation. I had been riding my bike and got hit by a car and got my ankle broke as well when I was about 14.

And yeah,, I can definitely understand why your brother wouldn't want your mother to help bathe him. For I didn't either. So it is that I did get my sister to help me all the time. But then she was always such a caring and nurturing type of person. And though while we didn't live the nudist lifestyle, it was nothing at all for any of us to see each other at various stage of undressed or even totally nude.

Wiseone: Did your mom ever have to see you or bath you after that Bike accident and see you naked? For how months did your sister have to help you and did she see you totally naked? Had you started puberty with pubic hair coming in down there and did your sister make any comments while she had to help you?

Don't recall,,, it was mainly my sister. And she had to help me for about a month. After that I was able to take the cast off and then able to wear a brace. And yes I had gone through puberty and had hair. But she didn't really make any comments about it except for once mentioned that I might want to thinking about shaving. Not shave all of it,, but to just trim it.

Did you or any of your siblings get spanked back then and if so was it by Mom or Dad and was it over underwear, pants, or bare bottom?

How did you wreck your bike and how did you feel when you needed help? Did you ask your sister to help you and were you slightly embarrassed having to ask your sister to help out and her being able to see all of you at the time. Did you try covering up at all during the washing or bathing process?

Lucky Matt having all you girls to help

NICE! My sister helped me shower like that once when I hurt my leg. I was 14, and she was 18. To keep from getting her clothes wet, she undressed and got in the shower naked with me. I can still picture her boobs and bush in my mind 30 years later. Being a horny guy it took all my will not to get an erection, even though she was my sister. And to this day I still wonder why she didn't just put on a swimsuit. ;-D

Probably. ;-D

What does that mean? Is "Probably" in response to a comment that has since been deleted?

Thanks great story.

Laffin...great story!

Nice story. Your brother should not be embarrassed his equipment works when he is excited :)

Cute story. I can only imagine the situation since I was an only child. I wouldn't have minded giving him a bath no matter how hard he got.

Great story. Thanks for sharing!

That's awesome!

Wonderful and cute and funny story
Really his mind on those days when u and and her help him I bet he was very like shy to go naked infront of girls I still wonder did he like freak out :)

great story

After seeing my brother with a bulge on a few occasions on my last visit to see my family. I am now having a fantasy of seeing my brother naked. You are lucky to have seen that. I am flying back today for another visit. Hopefully I might get to see more this time.

How old is your brother now and you have never seen him naked before?

like your story

How did you feel when you saw him naked when nhe was 15. I bet it was quite a difference from the last time you saw him before he had any hair down their and was a bald beaver, lol. Had your g/f's told you they had seen Matt naked before below the waist from pantsing him and did Matt ever tell you about that? It had to be weird for Matt to have to have you help him out of the shower naked and did he try to cover up coming out since he wore underwear in, that sounds dumb. How many times did you end up seeing Matt naked that year with helping him and all and did Mom see him some of the times too and other sisters?

i wished i was your brother so you could see me nude and play with my penis

Fantastic story. I love the way you teased him. :)

You girls are such jokers. That is a great story, though you probably traumatized the poor boy. Thanks for sharing!

lol....I do not have a sister but I would always be embarrassed if my sister-cousin ever saw me with an erection again. <br />
anyways, good story. The way you told it made me think he would get together with libby...or at least a one night stand.

Great story, made me wish that I was your brother.....

U helped him at the same time enjoyed it. Gr8

Great story. I was totally entertained and found myself laughing about your poor brother's condition of helplessness with no one but a sister with a slightly twisted sense of humor to help out. I think you did well. How often do you get the chance to give someone such sweet torture? This also amusing on another level in that while most guys would say they would enjoy girls sponge bathing them I think being out of control like that might actually be more embarrassing than erotic. <br />
<br />
anderson22. - Direct stimulation despite the intent is going to cause a major erection is most young males. It's really out of our control, which of course added to his embarrassment I'm sure.

Hi, Anderson22,<br />
<br />
What do you mean I was 'mean' to let him have an erection? Just how was it my fault? It's not like I was doing a ***** tease in the bathroom for him. He just should have tried harder to overcome his teenage hormones.

Becky its next to impossible for a young man to overcome his hormones. Or even an older man. There isn't much he can do to prevent an erection. Im gonna say this though; you are a cool gal for helping your bro out like that.

y didnt u jerk him off or something thats mean to let him have a erection

I have to wonder if your brother was just 'going along with the flow' to see what would happen. I had one leg in a cast up to my knee for about six weeks when I was still a bachelor. I managed to get into and out of the tub to bathe without help. I wouldn't have even thought of asking for help at the time & I didn't have girlfriend in the area anyway.

Hi, Lily. No way would I have gotten naked to help my brother bathe. Nor was I about to wash his private areas (though my girlfriend did - lol). But I thought it silly that given I had already seen him naked he was so hung up on insisting to leave his underwear on until he was in the tub, even though he knew I'd see him without them on when I came back in later to help him out. Of course, if it was the other way around I would have about died from embarrassment, having to have him wash me like your brother did to you.<br />
<br />
Hi, NudyDude. Yes, being nude in front of opposite sex siblings would be too weird. Thankfully, my brothers didn't try to pull too many tricks on me. As much as I like to skinny-dip with my girlfriends and sunbathe nude, the bikini or a towel comes on if my brothers are around.