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Dad, Me, And The Italian Toilet

This happened when my dad, brother and I went on a bicycle tour of the Italian Wine Country (highly recommended, by the way). I was 16.


We stopped to get a coffee in a small town and my dad and I had to use the bathroom. We hadn't gotten into the habit of keeping coins on us, so we only had one 2 Euro coin, which is what it cost to use the facilities. This meant we had to go in at the same time, which of course isn't too big of a deal. 


We got inside and then realized a dilemma; not only was it a tiny space, but it was a slick tile floor with only a squat toilet, meaning no commode, just essentially a rectangular hole in the floor. Compounding this problem is that we had only our cycling shoes on, which you may or may not know, have cleats on the bottoms for the pedals, and they have absolutely no traction. It was slippery just walking on the tile floor. 


I quickly realized I wouldn't be able to do it alone, so I told my dad that I'd need his help. I knew i'd have to take the spandex shorts completely off, because squatting over the toilet would be impossible with them on. I asked my dad to hold one of my hands while I shimmied the tight shorts off. Of course, I wasn't wearing any underwear,  as you don't need them with those kinds of shorts. My dad and i had been naked before, but never in this close of a proximity and in this kind of context. But, nature calls, lol. 


I managed to get the shorts off of one leg, but i slipped getting them off the other and my dad had to catch me so i would fall on the icky public toilet floor. He reacted quickly, one hand going around my waist and the other on my butt to hold me up. He even managed to keep the shorts from falling to the floor -- my hero. I thanked him, he winked at me, and we went back to our original position. This time i got the shorts all the way off. 


i stuffed the shorts into the back pocket of my cycling jersey and then straddled the strange toilet. Dad was facing me, squatting as well, holding both my hands, and I said, "I hope I don't get any on you!" He laughed. i started to pee, and thankfully it landed safely in the ceramic part of the toilet. sometimes my dad was looking away, other times he looked at my face. A couple of times I saw him look at my cooch. It felt fine to me, not weird at all. 


I finished and he handed me a kleenex from his pocket, since i didn't see any TP in there. I wiped and then flushed. Now, we had to get my shorts back on, without getting my shorts on the floor and without falling -- no easy prospect. We decided the best way would be for him to stay in a squatting position and i could support myself by putting one hand on his shoulder. i was a little unsteady so i moved closer to him, my crotch now pretty close to his face. we looked at each other, and we both smiled. this position worked well and i got dressed without incident.


i was very jealous of guys when he simply pulled down his shorts and started peeing without any trouble at all. I was on the side of him when he peed; he didn't make any effort to turn away and i must admit a i looked a few times at his penis while he was peeing. How you guys travel with those things is beyond me, lol. 


Anyway, we didn't have to do this again on that trip or since, but i'll never forget it and it was a special time to bond with my dad as a part-time bratty teenager. 



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nice story

I thought this was a very sweet and intimate event, thanks for sharing. Both of you were aware of the implications but it was treated like something perfectly normal.

"I was very jealous of guys when he simply pulled down his shorts and started peeing without any trouble at all..." LOLzzz<br />
<br />
Sorry girl, but we guys do have it better there :D the story Marie!

That was awesome!

great story, wish id have been there would love to see you in those shiny lycra shorts too! please consider adding me

I bet he enjoyed alook of his girls *****, all innocent and pure.GREAT STORY. XXX

That was a wonderful story. Glad that you and your dad was able to share it and not be embarrassed about it later.

that is nice farther daughter peeing together in public like that how sweet

nice story. thanx for sharing. xx

Sounds like your fam is ready for regular nudity around the house.

Great family story. Very well written. I can imagine being you and being there. Thanks for sharing it.

peeing is one of the most natural things you can do. and seeing family members should also be natural. As a matter of fact, we should all have easier access to bathrooms or feel more comfortable peeing outdoors. if you had found a bush outdoors, you wouldn't have had to put up with that slippery tile floor. And who knows, maybe you would have seen more of your own family.

Lovely story :)

I can't imagine that I'll ever feel comfortable with my daughters when they are in their upper teens or twenties. Their friends however - different story ;-)

I got custody of my girl child when she was 6 and I was 29. I have always been a nudist around the house and she was raised that way also. We heve seen eachother naked so many times and there has never been anything sexual about it. I even took her to buy her first bra. lol

Oh...can't go is a great device for peeing. You can draw things!!! Aim it at people!!! Possibilities are endless!!! :-)

i can understand your feelings .. But i think ,, we boys are Lucky ,, just hang out the Tool,, and do the Drool.. lolz.. any way .. you did try to make it intimate scene , but its ok to see any familly member 's tool. <br />
<br />
when i was 16 , my father was hospitalized, he had a heart attack , so, i was the one staying with him at nights , so at night whenever he had to pee, he used to call me and i brought him the urine bottle and he did it while sitting on bed . even when he died , i gave him bath and i personally as a son's responcibility , washed his **** ,

were u shaved or was he and did it ever cross ur mind about getting little sexual

That was a very sweet story. I bet that was a great bonding experience and deepened your trust for each other.

I guess you all are a little bit closer. I admire the form of my daughter from time to time. Mostly because she is like her mother and it reminds me of what she looked like at that age. I makes me proud to be her father. I haven't seen her without her clothes on, but I would imagine it would be like that, pheraps with a little more intensity.

I'm guessing it made you aroused

Do you ever hope it would happen again ?