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Saw My Cousin Naked

As I had written in a previous story about accidently exposing myself to four of my girl cousins while visiting their home, here is the rest of the story of that visit.
The first day of the visit, I had gone from the room I was using as a bedroom into the bathroom to pee. I ******** while in the bathroom and went back to what I thought was the bedroom. I had actully gotten turned around and gone out of the wrong side of the bathroom into one of my cousin's rooms, where all four girl cousins were playing a board game.
Well, the oldest cousin, who was only a year younger than I and already pretty well endowed for her age, teased me unmercifully the entire time I was visiting about having seen my **** and ***. I was initially very embarrassed by the whole thing, espcially since her younger sisters had also seen me in all my glory, but the more she teased me, the more aroused I seemed to get.
I was always hoping to get a glimpse of her, but had only managed to see a brief flash of blonde bush when she sat down or stood up in her short shorts. I almost drooled over seeing her in her skimply little baby doll pajamas at night. I think my aunt had picked up on my interest and advised her daughter to start wearing a robe when she came out to watch TV at night.
On the last day of the visit, I was gathering up and packing my clothes and noticed that one of my bathing suits was missing. I looked in the laundry room to no avail and realised I must have left it to dry in the bathroom. I went back up to my room and noticed the door the bathroom was shut. I knocked and immediately heard, "I'm in here. What do you need," from my oldest girl cousin. I explained to her that I thought I had left my bathing suit in there and asked if she saw it. She said it was in there and if I would give her a minute, I could come in and get it. Standing there thinking I had missed my chance at seeing her naked or partially undressed, I was pretty pissed at myself for knocking instead of just "accidently" trying to walk in.
A minute or so later, she announced it would be okay to come in to get the suit. I slowly opened the door wondering what was going to greet me, not quite prepared for being disappointed or surprised. As I stepped inside, there was my cousin standing in the bathtub with the shower curtain fully pulled back. She was standing there with her hair wrapped in a red towel, but she was totally naked. I know my jaw must have dropped as my eyes took in her naked body, from her perky teenaged boobs to her little blonde bush that did little to obscure her puffy ***** lips. She told me she was just finishing up in the shower when I knocked and she did not want to delay me in packing, so she decided to let me in. She said it was only fair after the show I had given her and her sisters earlier in the week.
As I went to get my suit from the rack on the far side of the room she stepped out of the tub and turned away from me, giving me an awesome look at her tight little ***. As I was admiring the view, she suddenly bent over to do something to a toe and gave me very nice view of her young **** lips from behind that still makes me hard to this day whenever I think about it.
She then stood back up and grabbed a towel off of the counter, wrapped it around her naked body, shooed me out of the bathroom and shut the door. I was so horny when I got into my bedroom, I immediately closed the other door, ******** my short and underwear off and started ******* my erect joint until it shot a hot stream of *** against the wall. I still wonder if she might have heard me in the other room, but she has never mentioned that. I had visited several times after that over the years, but the same scenario was never repeated and she always seemed to have boyfriends around as she got older.
The only thing that ever gets brought up about my visits is the time I showed the "Full Monty" to her and her sisters. The second part of the story has stayed a secret between the two of us. Something I have never forgotten and hopefully neither has she.
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I saw my girlfriend's elder sister when she was changing clothes inside the room. I think she forgot to close the door properly so there is this tiny space where i can get a perfect view. She was in the mid 30's and still had seductive curves. I stood and waited at the back of the door until she bent down to grab her undies. Her vagina looks only the same as my mother's.

Nice. Of course she meant for that to happen. Maybe she was looking forward to it since before you went over. Too bad she later got into the boyfriend thing leaving you behind.

i would love this to happen to me also

I was 15 and she was 14 when this all happened. I was not errect during my exposure to all the cousins and no, this aunt did not see me. I have a story about another aunt, who exposed herself and the nudist lifestyle to me.

You can share that story on your other aunt if you want. Your stories are well written and make me think back to my past too on some of my accidental exposure. When the cousins saw you at 15, were you a decent size down there and did you have a big bush. How long did they actually have a view of the front side before you turned around and I guess ran out of the room? I bet you were like a deer caught in some headlights.

Did they follow you back to your room or when did you hear about the exposure again? Had your mom or any other girls seen you bare after reching puberty or was this the first time.

How old were you at the time and how old were your cousins? Were you soft when you accidentally entered their room and when did you realize you were in the wrong room? Did your Aunt ever see you naked at that age or any other adult?

Nice memories.

No. The others were younger and not as nice looking as their big sister.