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First Time

I havent thought about this in years....I was about 9...I had gotten up to go the bathroom, just when i came out of the bathroom, my dad came out of their bedroom....all he was wearing was his pajamma top....i remember seeing him semi erect, and I remember it was kinda swollen, and red, and wet looking....god... that image is still so vivid in my memory....
LonelyLady52 LonelyLady52 51-55, F 25 Responses Mar 12, 2011

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probably just unloaded in mom. saw dad's plenty of times but usually soft

I also enjoyed listening to my parents in their bedroom at night, when they thought I had gone to sleep...this was after I had told some girls at school what I had seen and they told me what my dad was doing with it to my mom...

IT was beautiful, wasn't it, My Sweet?

Yes it was....Very beautiful

How nice, sweetie! :)

mmmmm wish you could see mine!

he must have just gotten off and it is so cool to see a man like that, you know he must be happy.

Yes It must of been exhilarating and titillating for a young one ! I know!!

it was.....VERY...something that has stayed with me all these years....along with the fantasy that never came true....

tell me your fantacy ,,,

I saw my dads and up close when i walked into the shower. He dried off and i saw it bounce around. I asked him if i could feel it. He just ignored me so i reached out and felt his thing and balls real good and he just stood and let me do it. His thing got hard and he expained why it does that. I could not wait to get my own guy so i could do that stuff.

nice vision ,, to still have that today in your mind

I do... and its as vivid in my mind as if it was just last night

yeah because the earliest sex we could have is the hottest one we could cherish in mind. but as we mature, we forbid the children to enjoy what we had.

hearing or watching others have sex is extremely erotic. being heard or watched is also quite erotic. Its nice to hear that others find it as exciting as I do

yes....and its so nice to know I am not alone

you will have compared the rest of the ones you see in your life to your daddy's. and when you see another, you will always think of daddy. I know you will say it is not true, but you will.

I didn't realize it,,, but you are absolutely right....

Looking back at that moment now i bet you wish you would have droped to you knees and took his just ****** wet **** in your mouth and sucked it back to life??

You still want to reach out and take him in your hand don't you.. ???? Master1A

yes....even today

yes, because lust for daddy and ****** is the best sex in life.

Wonderful that you got to see your dad that way when you were just 9 years old. Later you must have figured out he was wet because he had just ****** your mom. I think at some point, every girl should get the chance to see her dad like that.

The "Electra" fantasy is natural to many girls, I guess it's even stronger when you've seen your Daddy like that...good story

My first time I was around 7 when seeing my mother walking around the house in just her WHITE PLAYTEX CROSS YOURE HEART BRA,PANTYGIRDLE AND WHITE RIBBON STRAP SILKY SEETHROUGH NYLON FULLSLIP.Seeing her in her underwear started my slip,bra,pantygirdle,big silky nylon bloomers and big very high waist silky nylon knickers fetish.Also Ilove wearing my big pink plastic baby pants in the shower while wrapped in my wet plastic shower curtain
Now iam a mature crossdresser who loves wearing ladies WORN silky slips and panties .please be my friend so that I can tell you more

That reminds me of the time my little sister-in-law. I think she was about 10-11 years old. My wife (her sister) just finished making love, both naked as a jaybird. I was standing at the foot of the bed , my Honey was on the bed ,*** up . Just as I was pulling out ,in came my sister in-law.She left rather quickly, I don't know what she thought, but she never said a word about it. I never said anything to her about it either. Yes we get along very well.

You were able to relate the picture beautifully.......Brings back memories of me seeing mom after such an episode. She had gone into the bathroom to clean up. My bedroom was at the end of the hall, and I could see her nakedness from the open doors with her bedroom and bath lights on.

oh your stories are so hot sweetheart. i *********** reading your hot stories.

Thats sweet. I am glad you enjoy them, but they arnt just storys...they actually happenned

I love the sounds of a couple making love. It makes me want a woman to hold. I want to *** deep inside a woman. Forgive me for being a human.

nothing to forgive dear...I am the same way except I miss the feel of a mans hands and body....

It is hot listening to others. Did you ever set up a situation where you knew someone was listening to you? I love to come down in the morning and hear the comment, you guys were really going at it last night!

No... I have never been in that

i always make sure we are heard and it\'s one of the kinks my wife will indulge. had the most fun letting her momma hear me wearing her girl out and i\'ve stepped out to let her see me fully erect. her reactions are perfect to excite me

Did that stimulate any sexual thoughts in your mind? Or were you too young. How about later?

Oh my yes... even at 9 I knew what Mommys and daddys did in their bedroom at

Have you ever *********** with that thought in your mind??

I remeber the first time I saw my dad's ****...still a vivid memory for me too. I got to watch him and mom a few times having sex and mom. Mom and I became really "close"...MMMmmm!!!

mmmmm..............yes I remember seeing my parents "bits" too..........such a good memory............

Like most memories, they evolve. Given the image is still vivid, where have you taken this initial experience in your mind? Is this where the selection of several of your experience topics comes from? Inquiring minds would like to know!