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Aunt In The Bath

When I was 11 I went to stay with my uncle and his new wife for a week in the summer holidays. He was in the navy and had some leave, they had no kids so thought they would like to have me to stay for a while. The day after my dad dropped me off my uncle got a call from work calling him back to his ship for the remainder of the week leaving me with my aunt.

She was completely average in every way, not fat or thin, ugly or stunning, totally non-descript really. Her only feature was her ginger hair.

Anyway, on the second morning we were alone I got up in the morning and went to the bathroom for a pee only to find that my aunt was in the bath. She had left the door open and I could see her back to the door. She heard me coming and asked if I needed to use the toilet. She said I should come in, as she didn't mind if I didn't. I walked past the bath to the toilet and had a pee, trying not to look her way as I passed. When I had finished peeing I went to leave but she started talking to me, asking what I wanted to do that day. I turned to talk to her and realised I could see her breasts above the water. She clearly realised this but made no attempt to cover up, carrying on the conversation.

She then asked if I wanted to get in the bath after her so I said OK. She said that was fine but could I give her back a scrub first. I went up to the bath and then realised I could see her belly, legs and thick ginger bush beneath the water. She noticed me looking and asked if I had ever seen a woman naked before. I told her that I had seen my mum, but not recently. She sat up and handed me the sponge to scrub her back. I had a raging ***** now and it must have noticed through my pyjamas.

She asked if I knew about where babies came from, I said yes, we had been taught in school about men and women's bodies and how a baby is made. She laughed and said that they never tell you how much fun all that stuff is, how good men and women could make each other feel. She said she noticed my erection and asked if I knew how women got excited. I was embarrassed and said I didn't and she said she would show me.

She laid back in the bath and rubbed he hands over her breasts. She told me to look at her nipples saying that they got hard too, like my **** was. She gave me the soap and told me to rub it on my hands and wash her breasts. Slightly unsure I did as she asked and remember her dark nipples growing under my soapy fingers. She said I did very well, making her breasts feel good and making her feel wet as well. I asked what she meant, surely she was already wet in the bath? She laughed and said that when ladies get excited they get wet between their legs. She said did I know what a ***** looked like. I told her I had seen my younger sister's slit and my mums hairy bush but no more than that.

She told me to look at hers. She slid down in the bath and opened her legs allowing me to see right between her thighs. Sticking out beneath her ginger pubes were two pink lips. She rubbed her fingers over them saying this is my *****, these are the lips, where they join at the top is called my clitoris, it feels good to touch, like your ****, and this hole inside is my vagina. When a lady gets excited, she said, the vagina gets wet inside. She asked if I wanted to feel it. I said OK and she guided my hand down through her bush to stroke her lips. She gasped and I was afraid I had hurt her. She smiled and said no, it felt really good and to keep going. She guided my fingers around her clitoris and told me to rub her there as it felt really good. She said that when I was older my girlfriends would thank me for knowing about this.

I asked if I could see her hole so she spread her lips wide with her fingers and showed me. She pointed out where she peed from and ran a finger round the opening of her hole. "Put your finger in" she said so I slid my index finger into her, feeling her sticky wetness. She asked if I knew what an ****** was, I said I did not so she explained that when ladies get really excited they get a big overwhelming sensation that felt really good. I didn't really understand but asked her if she was having one now. She laughed and said not yet but I was getting her there! She said my uncle made her have ******* when they had sex and that when he wasn't there she gave them to herself by touching her breasts and clitoris like I had.

She asked if I gave myself ******* and I said no I didn't so she said she would show me how if I wanted. I said OK so she said take off your pyjamas and get in the bath with me. I was a bit scared but did as she said, embarrassed by my erection. She said I had a very nice willy, and could see I was excited. She told me to kneel up in the bath and reached out to take my **** in her soapy hands. She smiled as it was my turn to gasp and she asked if it felt good. "Fantastic" I think I said. She rubbed me for while then said if I stood up she would do what she did for my uncle. I stood up and stood, one foot either side of her thighs, she gently placed her hands round my butt, pulling my throbbing young **** towards her face. I looked a bit alarmed but she said, don't worry, this is the best bit, and with that she slipped her lips around me. Wow! I knew a lot more about sex now than they ever taught me in class!

She licked and sucked me for a couple of minutes but I was too young to come. She said she ought to get out of the bath but that I should stay in and finish washing. She wrapped herself in a towel and went off to the bedroom while I bathed and my hard-on subsided. When I got out I walked past her bedroom and saw through the half open door that she was lying on the bed with her legs open and her hands rubbing frantically on her *****. She was breathing really heavily and grunting until she went really tense and let out a long sigh. That must be the ****** I thought.

We never said anything else about it the rest of the day and that night my dad came and took me home. Whenever we met up again she would always give me a wink and a secret cuddle but nothing else ever happened.
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My Aunt touched me in the bath too. At 11 she made me *** and started to teach me so many things. I loved it when I got to stay at her place

dude you godda be kidding, this didnt really happen, did it???

oh -that ginger hair drives me "nuts"

A dream of my childhood come true.