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And Often Still Do

Growing up a lot of my family walked around naked. Even today when we go and visit my mother, she is most likely going to be sitting naked on the couch watching television or doing her daily routine in the nude. If she's not naked, she's topless. It is just something I grew up with and is normal. Recently, my children and I were watching a television show called Malcom in the Middle. There was a scene when the mother was walking around topless and there's a knock at the door. She opened the door and it was one of her kids teachers. When the teacher asks her to put on a shirt she says, "Hey lady, their just ****, you look at a pair in the mirror everyday, get over it." That was what my mother was like. As a kid, sometimes I hated it, but now that I am grown, I think it's funny.
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I don't know how you could have hated it, but I am on the other side, wanting to see my mom nude.

Oh, I remember that episode!!

where did u grew up !

My parents have been doing that for years too, only privately though and my dad is worse than my mum. I have to say I'm not comfortable with seeing them or them seeing me naked <br />
so I may be prudish but I wish they had a little more respect for how it makes me feel instead of expecting me to just get with it.

When I am at home I am naked. That's just the way it is. Nothing odd about it at all. I'm very comfortable in my skin, even though is abundance of that!

That is the right attitude for anyone. My mom used to say there was nothing anything different but size

Well Said. I grew up in a very open family, me being the oldest of 6 - 3 boys then3 girls, and casual nudity was very common and accepted. Very few times doors were closed, common to walk from bathroom to bedroom nude and we even played outdoors in a private backyard during the summer nude splashing in the wading pool and running under the sprinkler. We are all well adjusted adults and it made my first experiences taking showers after gym and sports at school far more comfortable than many of my friends. What people need to realize is nudity is not a sexual thing.

Bravo to MOM!

I saw a German comic, once. It was interesting how it was censored. There were graphic scenes with well-detailed and well-drawn *****, but black banners concealing violent scenes.<br />
<br />
And then, repeatedly, when I was in the States, I saw things that appalled and amused me in equal measures. If someone swore, then the word was bleeped out, but the mouth was blurred at the same time. I was astonished. Protecting the morals of anyone who could lip read?<br />
<br />
Another time I saw a scene where someone was shot and the bullet impacts were blurred. You could see the person being shot, but the violence was reduced to those points where the actual sites of the injuries - and those sites were concealed. So who did that protect? How did that diminish the violence of the scene? The hypocrisy was breathtaking.<br />
<br />
And then... ****... Why are they considered to be something that needs to be edited? And to be honest, it's not even the *** itself - it's the nipple. I'm sure the proportion of the *** that can be seen at any one time is fairly dependant on the "morality" of whatever show or channel is showing it, but what it really comes down to is that the only part of the *** that's particularly controversial is the nipple.<br />
<br />
What they're telling us is that our bodies are not considered to be tasteful.

Exactly, they will edit nudity but leave the head being chopped off scene in a tv movie, go figure.

Seeing a nude person is not going to hurt anyone.<br />
Some of the crap on TV is more worrisome than that

she was teaching that the body is normal, and as we get older it changes! she's a real-life educator! Great mom you have!