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A couple of kissing cousins... Teenage lust and a little playing doctor. The other time, I as very young, three years old, I believe. Grandma was in the bathroom sitting down and called me over. She told me to stand next to her and touch her pubic area. I patted the hair and went back to the fire trucks. She told my Aunt and I denied it with my Aunt. Many years ago now. A strange experience. I have wondered if it has messed me up, but I do not think so. Besides that naked Uncles and men from the family and a few sneaks of the women. That's all I have.
MrSoCal MrSoCal 46-50, M 2 Responses Jun 12, 2011

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I played doctor with a neighborhood kid in a tree house. I was the nurse at age 7 and he was 9. He was a good sport and played along. I took his vitals and tried to find his heart beat. Felt his legs and arms and said lets take a look at that body. I got him to undress and so did I. I examined his "whole" body in detail. He did the same to me. He was real interested in where he was supposed to put his thing so i showed him where it should go and told him that it was very soft in there. He played with me and we got so damn hot !!! He laid on me and wiggled and i came so hard and was hooked on it from then on.

I don't think it was something so mind blowing to mess you us.....I believe you would know and not just wonder.