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Uncle Got An Eyeful

I went to an extended family brunch last weekend and I had to use the bathroom. I was wearing leggings and a thong, but it was appropriately conservative, given the company. It's near the end of 'that time' of the month for me, so i was wearing a liner. After peeing, i pulled up my thong and leggings at the same time, but that wasn't smart, as the liner got caught up and misaligned. 

So I peeled everything down to start again, bending over and my butt was facing the door at this point. Just then, the door opens. It was my Uncle on my Dad's side, who had to use the bathroom. Turns out the door was closed and locked, but not latched, and he pushed on the door to check to see if it was occupied, but it opened right up! I was bent over, so he had a great view of my backside and cooch, from close up. 

Time kinda froze there for a second, as he turned quickly, apologizing; i'm trying to rapidly pull the leggings and undies back up, and attempting to stand at the same time. It was comical. i finished getting dressed and walked out, he kept apologizing but i told him not to worry about it, that it was an accident. He had a tough time looking me in the face after that. It makes me giggle when i think about it. 
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Ditto to what NudyDude said!

dam lucky old man

love it! accidental nudity is great...though it usually catches both parties so off guard that nobody really gets the full view taken into the spank bank

Great story, love the way you tell it!

I can imagine that happening to my Neice, she would have never been able to look at me again either.<br />
I can feel ur plight.

You should tease him about it in private - see if he gets embarrassed. That would be fun!

have you ever seen someone in your family naked by accident? your dad or a brother? does it turn you on now when you think back to what your uncle saw? have the two of you ever talked about it since? lots of questions...I know. :)

He was just embarrassed and probably did not get a good look at your some of your best womanly parts, and if he did it will remain always on his mind. It was family and he will keep it just between the both of you.

that lucky ****** lol

I am sure you made his day, even though he wouldn't admit it

It would have been quite a embarrasing time to be sure. He had quite a unexpected suprise. I hope you recovered.

Your uncle is a lucky man

what a luck uncle. wish i was him

He is a lucky guy, I would love to see more.

i would have loved that veiw

Weird how things happen at JUST the wrong/right moment! ><<br />
xD<br />
As in, the liner couldn't have gotten Mis-aligned the first time around, uncle could've picked a different bathroom or he could've been talken loudly to someone down the hall or something and had his head turned before seeing you giving you a few seconds to spare ><<br />
<br />
But Nuuuuuuu~ It had to happen the way it did xD

Does it make you wonder how often he will be visualizing you as he ****?

I bet he loved it, being your uncle might have been werid for him at the time but that night he woulda gone over all the wat iffs.

It made you giggle, but I bet it made him hard as hell for many nights afterwards

You can use my bathroom anytime you please! ;) Just be sure it takes you a while to pull up your drawers when I come barging in too, ok? :)

you could not have planned it any better.

He probably sacked off to that sightevery night

It's interesting how people deal with embarrassing situations.... If you were ok with it, wouldn't it be great if he could treat you like before. I suspect he's having an internal struggle.. the conservative uncle part telling off the human uncle part for enjoying the serendipity.<br />
<br />
Do you have any more photos?

luv it, lucky uncle!

lucky guy

I would've took you right there and then... BAM

I would have asked to see more

you probably made his whole year. lol

I would have been glad to see that.;)

lol me too