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It Was The Worst Day Of My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I saw a family member naked! I went to use the bathroom and opened the door without knocking! Then there he was... standing in full view! I didn't want to look down! But damn it!! I did! URGH. We both screamed he grabbed his towel and I couldn't stop apologizing as I suddenly closed the door :/ Then I was so ashamed I couldn't look at him for some time. It was the worst day of my life and I learned my lesson.. ALWAYS KNOCK EVEN IF THE DOOR IS NOT LOCKED!
OutcastedDaughter OutcastedDaughter 22-25, F 18 Responses Oct 11, 2011

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It was embarrassing and fun, kindda sexy too lol

Wow - you're lucky you're not my sister - or you would have been seeing me naked a lot !!! hahahaha

Was it big?

just have fun when you catch anyone naked its better than screaming and easir to explain..please add me as friend and lets have a laugh n a chat sometime ...regards ,,mick

What's so bad about seeing family naked? Even if they are the opposite sex? It's not perverted and really, being ashamed of see someone (family, close friend, etc.) naked is being ashamed of them, everyone is born naked and clothes are a mask to hide who we are. The naked body is nothing to be shameful of!

..some things aren't meant to be seen =) It's like your parents you know they have sex but you din't want to know it...right? =)

Exactly!! I don't care about my family member's anatomy at all. Hahaha

hey I think it is ok to be naked infront of your family expecaly if you are a girl like me it sort of teaches us how it is ok to be naked we should not fear being naked

While he was screaming you should have taken off your clothes.

lol funny story add me please thanks

come on. seeing a naked person, family member or not is not the end of the world and more than likely it was an acciedent. So what! I bet if there is a nude scene in a movie you do not turn it off, Think, that is someone's family member.

tell me was his penis erect the moment you entered, or you found him ************

So who did you see? <br />
<br />
You know it is not a big deal. For instance, I when I randomly see someone naked I turn around and talk to them like nothing had happened.

I've seen plenty of naked bodies in my life. It is perfectly okay and normal. Don't feel ashamed :-)

I would have enjoyed and in my dreams too could have seen a young naked girl in a bathroom FULLY NAKED GIRL with her naked Breasts and a bit of her Vagina

oh dont worry yaar its just a coincidence. But remember for next time always **** the door when its not locked.

That's a funny

Who was it you saw? Did you get excited afterward?

Who was it you saw? Did you get excited afterward?