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I come from a family of sleepwalkers (me, mom, sis), so we all have our share of embarrassing experiences. But one that that stands out for me is when my grandma stayed over with us.

It was the july 4th weekend when I was 12 or 13. We had a big cookout that day and everything went fine. Our house was right next to the park and we all saw a huge fireworks display to cap a perfect day. Around 11 we were all exhausted and went to sleep. My grandma slept in my room and I slept on the pull out couch. We were both on the lower level. My parents and sis were on the upper level. I didn't have it great. The pull out couch was lumpy and old. I kinda drifted in and out all night.

Around 3am I woke to the sight of a strange figure in the middle of the doorway. At first I thought it was a ghoul or ghost (yes, I still believed in those things then!), upon further inspection I saw the figure of my grandma and she was standing there completely naked! She just stood there, arms at her side, without any attempt to cover anything up.

My fear and shock turned to understanding when I saw her eyes. They were open but glassy. Her expression was blank. I recognized that look. She was still asleep. Finally I sat up and spoke. "Grandma? Grandma what are you doing?" Her response was slurred "Is it time to go running yet?" My grandma was in her 60's by then but she was really into fitness. She was going to take me jogging in the park in the morning. "Uh no, it's still night," With that I hopped out of the bed and kind of walked her back into the room. We had a little conversation, sometimes making sense, sometimes not. I felt completely uncomfortable talking to her, me in my pajamas, she in the nude but she was oblivious. Finally she went back to sleep. Thankfully, no one else woke up.

In the morning she was clear eyed and ready to go jogging. I was dog tired but still went. I couldn't tell if she remembered anything. I asked how she slept and she said fine. She didn't remember a thing. I tried to put the image of her standing in front of me naked into the back of my mind
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you are a better person then me :( lol would had to woke someone else up :( have never & had never want to see me grammy naked noo wayy lol good storie thro

Ha ha she was in great shape then.I have to hand it to her she was still in tranining while sleeping!Fun story thank you.

Well it can happen to anybody who has the same habbit.... but please... tell her about the experience... and please put wet towel under the bed just right in place where your first feet will land.. by touching wet towel or anything wet... hopefully she will awake then by several more expereince she will cure from this habbit by her ownself.

Ha ha so not to sexy mmm.