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Getting Caught

I don't know if anyone else has had similar Thought's of their
parents catching them naked....

For the past year or so I've had thoughts and fantasies about my dad seeing me naked, actually both my parents, but especially my dad. I've been ************ for a few years now on a regular basis. I am about 5'5" with brown hair, B cup boobs, kind of on the skinny side. My private area is a nicely trimmed brown patch, and I think I have a cute but small butt. Lately I've started to get turned on about the thought of my parents seeing me naked, and I've started to act on my fantasies.

One time when I was 17 my mom was on business and dad dropped me at home after school and he went grocery shopping,and I was tired from practice so I took a shower and was gonna go to bed after it but the shower is off my parents room and when I came out friends was on T.V so since the door was shut and nobody was home, I laid down on their bed to watch for a little bit in my towel but since it was making the bed wet I tossed it aside I was only gonna watch for like 10 minutes then Go to my room to put my clothes on. Well like, before I knew it I laid on my back and fell asleep. And my dad didn't know I was in there when he came home so he walked in and I was asleep naked and I know he seen everything.I woke up wrapped in a blanket he must have put around me,
and I get excited just at the thought of him seeing me totally naked
thinking he seen my boobs and my trimmed brown patch and much more....
and just wondered how long he looked before covering me with the blanket

For some reason the thought of being totally exposed in front of my parents is becoming a big turn on for me. I am an only child and so there are no brothers or sisters at home to explore with, not that I think I would go in that direction anyway. But lately I've had fantasies about my dad seeing me naked and they really turn me on. Little by little I have been taking opportunities to expose myself to him casually......

For example, when I know my parents are in their bedroom and the door is open I have been coming out of the shower and walking down the hall topless, with only a towel wrapped around my waist. Hoping that I am giving my dad a glance at me. Or I'll just walk in the bathroom topless or walk around the house in only my underwear sometimes, not caring if they see me. And yes he has! The other day I came downstairs to the laundry room in just a pair of panties and passed by my mom and dad in the kitchen and they both looked up and saw me carrying laundry and my bare boobs. My dad was surprised I could tell, but they didn't say anything. Also one day my mom knocked on my door and asked if she could come in and I was totally naked and said yes. She opened the door and when she saw me she said oh sorry honey, but I just said its no big deal mom. We talked about something for a minute and I was standing there totally naked while we talked.

Shortly after, I heard my dad's voice out in the hall and after my mom left my room I decided to take a huge risk and just walk out of my room totally naked to go to the bathroom and see if on the way my dad would be around to catch a glimpse of me. And sure enough it happened. I came out into the hall, very nervous, and there was my dad walking down the hall. I just said hey dad, and he looked at me quick and said hi, having seen me totally naked as I slipped into the bathroom. He basically got quick glimpse of everything. When I got into the bathroom I was tingling with excitement and the idea of my dad just having seen me completely naked for a couple seconds.

I hurried back to my room and gave myself one of the best *******, I was so turned on.
melissa206 melissa206 26-30, F 80 Responses Dec 19, 2011

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Your exprience is very stimulating. I purposely was naked at times during my teen years at home. Now wish that I exhibted myself more

I loved seeing my daughter naked and she knew it

Recall similar exposed events. Extremely exilerating and exciting

I wonder if my daughter felt the same way? But then again we raised her in a nude home so possibly not. But I did love having mom walk in on me growing up

Welll--that was like 3 years ago WHAT HAS HAPPEN since????

how much further did your exploration go? would love to hear more about it. sounds exciting, fun, and erotic.

Sounds like you have a a happy time at home. Enjoy what you have without spoiling it.

I wish I was there to see also. I hope you add me.

I bet if you would have looked. I think you might have seen a hard on that your dad was sporting because of you ;)

My daughter and I are often naked together.

I love "accidently" being caught naked, it is a big turn on for me

Sexy story lady! Thanks for sharing! Have any family friends or neighbors "caught" you naked?

How old are Melissa? Your profile says 26-30. Presumably you still live with your parents?

I do similar things too. I can't explain why I do these things either. I see this story is a couple years old, but I am sure you have either grown or regressed concerning these actions. I hope it has all been good.

thats so ******* hot!

The small steps you took to getting to the point where you dad saw you totally nude is exactly what my daughter did to me. My wife is not like your mother and always complained when my daughter was in her panties and bra. My daughter started when she was around 18, first panties and bra, then just wearing a towel from the bathroom, then panties and no bra, and finally totally nude. I think she was just seeing how far she could go. I neither encouraged or discouraged her actions. Now, she's just nude all the time around me. And her college friends are pretty much nude around me as well.
I don't know if she got off on doing this, but she did find her mother's stash of toys early on as well.

So you have exposed yourself allot lately to both your mom and dad have you seen either one of them naked yet?? What is next are you going to get bolder and try something or just leave it as a fantasy?

You took the next step and as a man I can imagine a ***** came on. keep up the good work, he will enjoy it.

nice story, would you add me as a friend? I would like to see your photos.

Awesome story. Your dad is a lucky guy. Please add me

Great that you enjoy both your parents seeing you nude. It's nice that they don't object. Good for them.

What acute story!

Such an awesome story!

WOW! He probably had to go ********** after that!!

I would have loved 3 or 4 daughters like you....

i love how you act like it was an accident and no big deal. meanwhile inside you are racing! what a feeling!

I never even thought of this! Good for you!

Great sexual adventures, please add me as a friend.

I would really love to see your photo's, Please add me.

i think 6ft4blueEyes said it perfectally...i would like a little emagination added to it..i would sugest u wear a short skirt and set across from him on the couch if ur home is aranged that way..and let him see ur panties..and then go for the bare beaver shot...u will be able to tell if he is interested..and u may also want to set on his lap and just cuddle ""if u two have ever done this""..just tell him u want to feel love and protected like u did when u was little...""no expert""..i just know what would do it for me..