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My Daughter Saw Me Naked But Denied It

I caugth my 17 yo daughter watching me shower. I left the master bathroom door cracked open b/c it steamed up way too much when I took really hot showers. My wife and younger son were out at the time and I knew my daughter was home but didn't think she'd come in to my bedroom for a peek. Something just told me to look over my shoulder....she was looking through the crack watching me....she had a great view of my ***. I couldn't see her clearly since the door was cracked open, but it was definitely her, I saw her face when I turned around and I saw her move away. It took me a few hours to build up the nerve to ask her about and I told her she wouldn't be in trouble....I just wanted to know what she was doing in the room (although I knew the answer), She denied and I decided not to push it and embarrass her. I know she had seen me naked before, I had caught her peeking, doing almost the same thing a few years ealier and that time I never brought it up. One time she had walked in on me naked and clearly saw my *** and ^^^^ as I turned around to close the bathroom door. She's a little voyuer, I suppose.
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One time while I was married to my first wife her brother and his girlfriend were living with us. One time, late at night I walked down the hall to go to the bathroom and their door was cracked open (it was a pocket door so easier to see into the room through). The light was on but they were asleep. She was lying on her back completely naked. I got a very good look.

I have been nude in front of my daughter several times. We had to go on a weekend trip several months ago and I walked naked in front of her in the hotel room.

She is curious! Nothing me as a female, girls grow up seeing their mothers naked so its no big deal, even some boys. But girls don't get to see their fathers naked growing up - so they are just curious on how it looks....nothing more! I don't want to screw my father (eww gross) but if i do get the chance i would look at my daddy just because i'm curious about the penis that created me.

I like your attitude about the whole thing, but you should do something to relieve the guilt she is obviously feeling. maybe in a similar situation, after your shower, go to the kitchen and get a cold drink........... nude. Tell her its OK to see each other nude, your family! and its only natural to be curious. Better to satisfy those curiosities at home where you can answer any questions she may have honestly. I would be cool if you got a conversation going with her and could just remain nude. If you get hard, just explain that thats natural too, happens all the time in nudist families, and it is just ignored.

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very nice story!! When I was a teen I peeked at my mother and sister, I think it's pretty normal

did you see much of them naked? did your sister ever see you naked when you were a teen? were you ever caught peeping on them?

saw alot of them both.. and my sister did see me too

lol.....howd your sister see you naked? you catch her peeping on you?

She walked into my room while I was enjoying a little "alone time". It led to some nudity together

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What do you plan on doing with her in the future? Allowing her to continue? Peek on her?

yeah.....if she's going to peep, I'm not going to stop.....I may even make it easier for her and not bring it up.

Peaking is a normal part of life. My daughter has been for many years. I have done my share of peaking in my life.

how old is she.....who have you peeked up
on? :D

She is16. I have peeked at parents and sis growing up. I have peeked at daughter some.

your daughter ever catch you? what have you seen of her? Have you ever caught your daughter and she know she was busted....or did you act like you didn't notice her peeking? What of you has she seen.....all of you?

Could we chat in private?

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