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My Grandma Saw Me Naked

It all started at bath time each day.I was staying at her house for the summer.When it was bath time she would bath me.I was about 9 or ten at the time.She made a big production about bath time. First I had to stand by the tub for her inspection.She liked to check me for any problems I never had any but she liked to be sure every day.I had to stand in the tube during my bath.She would start on my head and work her way down paying great attention to my ears,butt,and penis.She made sure I was clean everware I think that she liked the idea of my getting excited from time to time.I was even allowed to stay naked until bed time.This did not help my erection.After going to bed it subsided until the next bath time.
linusaten linusaten 61-65, M Mar 10, 2012

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