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My Sister

I remember when I was younger and lived at home with my perants and my sister, we were all close my sister was 6 years older than me she was 17 and I was 11, our bedrooms were next to eachothers room, this night my sister came home about 1am in the morning after a night out with her freinds, She woke me up I could hear her banging around in her room trying to get undress so she could get into bed, I was worried she might wake mom and dad up so I went into her room to see if I could help, When I entered her room she was laying on the carpet trying to get her jeans off, my sister was a very good looking girl with a great body, many nights I have been in bed thinking about her I am sure you understand what I mean, when I entered her room she looked up at me and laughed and ask me to help herm so I help her to her feet and she fell back onto her bed, she asked me to help her undress and told me to pull off her jeans, so I grab the bottoms of her jeans and pulled as she raised her *** so they would slid dowm as I pulled them, the next thing I saw was her panties comming down as well, I could see her shaved *****, it was the first time I had seen one, my sister looked at me amd smiled and asked me if I have ever seen a girl with no clothes on before, No I said you are the first, The first time I have seen a girl this age like this, she asked me if I would like to see more of her, I love to I said, as long as you dont tell mom and dad so I help her to take off all her clothes she was so hot, If you would like to read more let me know
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Don't stop now.

Finish the story

please finish the story..........

pls continuou...

i want to hear all. we can share stories

yes please, finish the story what happen then

I would love to hear how this plays out!

so hot. ****** at its best. sex experiences while we were little boys and girls are the hottest sex in one's life. most of the time around these age, family members are mostly around so ****** is almost the normally thing that happens.

Very exciting and nice to have a sister like that to give you your first peek. Reminds me of seeing my sister naked.

like your story

That is almost exactly what happened to me! The ages are same, however we started experimenting with kissing, oral and even on to intercourse!

Makings of a great story...include the gory details and youll have a great thing


More please.

yes please go on, you have my attention

My older sister and I had adjoining rooms when I was 14 and she was 19. They were newly constructed as part of an extention to our house and as yet did not have doors fitted. We had temporary curtains draped across them for privacy. I realised soon after occupying my new room that from where my bed was I could see most of her room reflected in the mirror of her dressing table when her curtain wasnt drawn fully closed. <br />
It was mid summer so I usually left my curtain undrawn as more air circulated in my room keeping it a bit cooler. One night after I had already gone to bed i heard my sister go into her room after a night out partying with her friends. She did not pull her curtain across all the way so a gap was left for me to clearly view her room as reflected in the mirror. She was sitting at her dressing table brushing her hair. Then to my surprise she removed her shirt and I got a fine look at her in her bra. She then stood up and still facing the mirror removed her jeans so now I had an unobstructed view of her in just bra and panties. I wasnt expecting any more but I already had a ***** in my pj's. To my utter amazement she took off her bra and I saw my older sisters lovely pert breasts for the first time ever. Under my blanket I now had my hand on my **** and was giving it a good few tugs. She lingered in front of her mirror examining herself but from a look on her face I suspected she had glimpsed me doing the same from my bed. I closed my eyes (and stopped ************) feining sleep but when I squinted them open she was now totally naked! I now had my first sight of my older sisters lovely ***** and what's more i was now certain she knew I was watching. She lingered long enough for me to bring myself off and just before I did I pulled back my blanket so as to avoid soiling it with my ****. She soon after disappeared from my sightline and then her curtain was fully drawn. I overheard her a short time later making sounds that I am quite certain was her ************ before she finally fell silent and I went back to sleep.

Oh please, don't stop now!

Good story, please continue. Thanks for sharing

please dont stop now...

Wow, great! Please share more!

not only would i like to read more :) but if u could get a before pic. & now pic. :) it really be cool

I have a younger sister by 2 years and saw her regularly from 16-18 she never really cared, and neither did her friends when they came over to use our pool and change.

oh yes please this is a cool story

oh yes please this is a cool story