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My Sister Saw Me Nude.

I have a sister that is almost 3 years younger than I. We have always been a very open family, thats is for example thinking nothing of seeing each other in our bras and panties and stuff. So one holiday weekend when we were both home from college I told her I was bi. I have been bi for 5 years at that point and just felt I could tell her now. She was excited because she said she was thinking she was too. We shared a lot of feelings and experiences and I told her about a girl in college that use to love taking pictures of me. My sister has always bee a bit of a photography nut, so she asked if she could take some of me. Ya know, like Victoria Secret type of sexy pics so I said sure. I have to admit I like being a bit of a voyuer, so the entire idea sounded like fun. We started taking photos and she encouaged me to pose more and more and look sexy. I told her I was going to use this photos for my gf. That encouraged her to have me pose more sexy. Well.. one thing lead to another and before you know it she had me taking my bra off and showing my boobs and ... well you get the idea. So before long my "little" sister saw me nude. That was the first time she did, but since then she has me a few more times and I her. What fun!!!
megank2785 megank2785 26-30, F 53 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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Sounds like this was a fun, enjoyable,
memorable experience for BOTH of you! :) ;)

If ya got it, show it!

I love the excitement of family love and the thrill of the voyeuristic moments!!

Very hot!

Sounds like fun for BOTH of you! :) ;)


Very nice, sweetie! :)

would love to be photographing you both

what's bi?

Excellent, sweetie! :)

It sounds like this was visually
fun for both of you!

only one of my sisters was that open to and into photography, it was always fun back then

My sisters and I love to still get together and just be girls again like that

Sounds like you had a great fun time. Good to see you both enjoying your wants and needs. Do you still have the photo's ??

God I would Love to take pictures of U aswell , I am pretty good with A Camera aswell !!

Nice story. Did it stop with the pictures?


Awesome :)

Nice story, thanks

Can i know what 'bi' means?

A great, fun story, sweetie!

Love the story, and I have seen more than 1 of my family members naked!

As a photographer I really enjoyed your story. Look forward to chatting, becoming friends and perhaps seeing your pics. Is your sister still doing photography? Thanks. xoxo

Any chance we could see the pics?

love ur story xx

Thanks to all who have thanked me for my story.

Mmmmmm lucky family. Would love to see that.

It had to be nád'herné and exciting, make love with your sister ... I had sex with my niece and it was very exciting, we did it in koupelnš in the tub and I ****** her in the ***** and into the rectum ... It was wonderful and we repeated it many times. None of the family but know nothing about it ... I would love to see some of your photos, reading your stories I'm excited ...

No, disclosure is not required but transparancy allows following easier!

How wonderful!

Glad you liked it.

If you prefer women then just say it! Nothing wrong with it! Just let the guys know up front!

Umm, everything about this gorgeous Megan IS.......upfront!! Just saying.
But really, why does she need to disclose? And, at what point? Right after,"hello my name is...."?

Why are you in to other women?

naked time + sisters time = fun time

I couldnt agree with you more. lol

It must be nice to have sex with someone from the family, in my youth I greatly longed for my mother and watched her naked (and *********** into her used panties) ...

So I guess you had fun! Little sis built like you, you didn't mention? Why are all the huge breasted women into other women?

my little sister is big, but only 36F

well that's nice size that I could settle for in my future gf/wify

" Only " 36F !! HA!

I'd love to see some pictures of you and your sister, playing with each others breasts and *******, are you natural, or shaved, I think a shaved ***** is sort of innocent, like when you were growing up, do you both play with each others sweet *******...

Nice! I bet those are some sexy pics!

Mmmm sounds like fun I wish I had an older sister like you that I could take photos of :-)>

That's awesome

Oh, your discussion is so hot, that I am excited at the maximum... You probably know, what these words mean and what activity I am doing now... ;-)

Maybe your next step will be playing sex game with her ;-)... Or perhaps you've already done together?

Well....maybe thats the start of another story.

i have a huge ***** right now

Sounds like a great family :)

What a fun time!!!

Well, if you're both into glamour photography, I'd love to shoot a few sets for you both, individually or together. I'm quite good and have references.

is your sister as busty as you?


thats awesome

there is a lot of understanding between you and your both are very lucky to have each other!i wish i were in your place!

She really does "understand" me very well, and yes I am very lucky.

That is the relationship that most sisters do not even share with one another. So keeping sharing and having fun. Thanks for sharing. :)

I will and youre welcome.

That`s how siblings should be.

Getting along is a beautiful thing :) and those pics sound delicious.

Nice, glad you two have such a good relationship. Would love to see the pics...

How hot !!

That is so hot...

I see my sister naked all the time, she sees me naked all the time! <br />
there is no problem with ! <br />
have fun!!!!

I like your thinking sweetie.

Describe your body