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My Brother

We shared a room for at least ten years. It was unavoidable.

I remember one time that I turned my head away whilst he was changing into his pajamas.  He thought I was overreacting, but it made me uncomfortable for some reason.

Finally, when I was 13 or 14, my brother moved into the guest room.  We never used it anyway.  I think my brother decided he wanted his own room and suggested that my parents give him the guest room.  Although it wasn't my idea, I didn't object to it, either.  I liked the privacy too.
2029Wren 2029Wren 46-50, M 1 Response Sep 11, 2012

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My step brother was taking a shower and he was about 13, I was 7. I just climbed in with him and I started washing him and rubbing his back and front with my hands and he said wow that feels great. I liked it because he was so buff and ripped. I got the courage to work slowly down to his tender bits. I washed and massaged his meat like it was normal and he got so hard, I was surprised. He said keep washing me there and i did and it excited me so much. I tugged on his thing for a long time, he really reacted.

Tina sounds like u both enjoyed the situation. ...anything since then happen? Add me please