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Emergency Pee

This was when I was in college. I drove up to visit my brother, and it took about 4 hours normally but traffic was bad, so it was about 6 instead. I didn't stop when I should have, so when I arrived, I really had to pee.

His roommate let me in, and he left to go to the store or something. My brother was in the shower. I knocked on the door and said "I MUST PEE NOW!" He said come on in.

When I had visited before, he had a dark shower curtain, but when I went in the bathroom, the landlord must have updated the shower to glass doors. So now here I am with my brother taking a shower with only glass between us, and I have to pee so bad I'm about to burst.

Well, like they say, nature calls. I rushed to the toilet and peed. It was such a relief after holding it for so long, and I had to go ... a lot. I talked to my brother and he looked in my direction when he spoke to me, but he wasn't staring or anything weird. I looked over at him a couple of times. It was a comical situation really.

Anyway, I finished, wiped, flushed, washed my hands and said I'd see him later. On the way out, I said "Nice wang!" haha.
beerchick beerchick 26-30, F 36 Responses Oct 4, 2012

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lol.... wang

Brothers fookin wang

First-"when you gotta go, you gotta go!"

Second-just some harmless teasing between
a sister and her brother.

Imagine brushing your teeth and someone in your family just comes in and pees! It's all right, though. I am okay now.


It's so wrong to flush while he's in the shower!!! :D

OMG, hysterical comment. But when you got to go, you got to go!!

Haha, nice joke in the end :-D

once a the person is okay with nudity, doing natural acts shouldn't be problematic! I am happy for you both.

How nice of your brother to accommodate your urgent need to pee knowing you would see his "wang". Also nice of you to just pee without trying to require him to vacate the bathroom before you would use the toilet.

In the end, wasn't it more comfortable for both of you to release any inhibitions and feel more at ease sharing these experiences together? This is the whole benefit to being nude, there is nothing bad about sharing your pee or shower with others you know.

nice did he say after that

lol cool :)

It happens a lot in my house. I live with my gf son and daughter

Haha very cute.

Hahaha this story made me laugh aloud. Nice post.

Nice story harmless stuff.

LOL...great little story!

Can you describe his ****?

Too funny.. Us guys at least we'll stop the car... Find a tree or a bush,and go. Just make sure we don't get caught with our "Johnson" out. (wink)


Nothing weird there, I had 3 sisters and a brother growing up, one bathroom.

lmao thats hilarious NICE WANG lol

Kind of funny and personally I'd love more detail on your predicament, but that's for another group on EP!

Made me smile - thanks for posting.

That's a great laugh between the 2 of you. Nothing sexual, just awkward, funny and natural.

Lol, you're naughty, and I'm sure your brother got a laugh from it, too. Thanks for sharing.


hahaha! he liked it or he did not?

Why is it that as children it was common. But as adults it is soooo strange ? It is still the same person. Makes you wonder why there is such a double standard as we age.

Maybe as most of us grow up, we associate things like nudity etc with sex!
peeing is natural, but it is the association with the nudity or partial nudity which most adults learn to be less comfy with!

OMG, That's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like your story

lol family is great

lol..u funny :D

ha ha ha omg that is so funny!!!YOU DID LOOK! LMAO

HA HA HA!!! That's such a funny story. Nice wang!