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My Family

I grew up in a naked household, my 3 older brothers and my parents saw me naked and I see them naked. I also sleep naked and growing up it was common that I would wake up and go to the breakfast table naked. During the summer months my older brothers and I always went skinny dipping in the pool in our backyard and we get out of the pool to eat lunch and lounge around the house naked watching movies and playing video games without clothing. Plus my brothers and I also had to share a bathroom so one of us would be in the shower while the other would use the bathroom as well. We saw our parents nude a lot too. I don't see the problem of family members seeing each other naked. In our family photo albums there are a lot of photos of us nude.
mal0980 mal0980 26-30, F 8 Responses Jan 12, 2013

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What a wonderful family relationship!

Great story, thank you for sharing!

I was just wondering, since I don't have a sister and I try to imagine what it would be like being naked all day with family members:

Do your brothers and your dad sometimes get erections while being around you,
and how are those situations being regarded or taken care of?
Is that OK with you?


I too grew up in a clothing opp family, my sister and I were able to be naked from toddlers on, nudity was never an issue at my house. Family skinny dipping was common.

That is so wonderful that your family and mine have the same view on nudity. Nudity is healthy and to this day when we visit our parents we get naked at the door.

Both of my daughters grew up the same way, both now in their 40's, one still enjoys the nudist lifestyle with her own family.

That's great. Best way to be raised

I agree Bulldog. I don't get why some people don't see it that way.

You have a great loving family. If family spent more time together like this i think they wouldn't be so divided. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much. I proud to share this story and will post more about family too. I am glad that you and everyone here love it, when I tell some people and they think it is weird.

It's not weird it's lovely :)

That is great Leo, it get's rid of the hang ups we have about body issue's and sexuality.

although my parents werent nudist, my grandparents and both aunts would let me go naked 24/7.. So I grew up naked with everyone but my mom and dad.... Loved it

I agree. I believe that family members should see each other nude, children should see their parents as well as their siblings, it helps to teach them that their is no shame with our bodies, what ever the age, size, or shape. I believe that it also help grow their self esteem, and be comfortable with who they are.
Stay Happy, and Nude

I agree 100% when I have children I will teach them the same things my parents taught my brothers and I. Nudity in the family is healthy.

I think that's great. There is nothing wrong with nudity. I was the only nudist in my family, and being in a strict up bringing I was a closet nudist till I left home. Many years ago. I have a wife who supports me in my love of nudity.

It is great that your wife supports you being naked. Being naked is wonderful and beautiful!