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My List.

Kinda boring to just make a list, but these are all the family I have seen nude.

2 Uncles
1 Aunt
1 female cousin
4 male cousins
MaxLimitz MaxLimitz 31-35, M 5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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I got this kid that was about 12 to come into my tree house, I was 8. I conned him into letting me play nurse with him. He laid down and i examined his arms and legs and pretended to take his vitals. I pushed and probed around his stomach which was nice. There were lines from his muscles leading down towards his crotch and i was facinated by this. I ran my fingers down it over and over and told him that it was cool. He said it tickled. I undid his pants and pulled them down some and the line ran down to his crotch. As i ran my fingers down it i saw the base of his thing and it was getting huge. Suddenly he pulled his pants off. I was shocked as he laid back down his thing was sticking up and was firm. I continued to run my fingers up and down the line and followed it slowly down to his bag of balls. I got the nerve to feel them and they were big. Finally i decided to see if i could get him to shoot his stuff out. I grabbed his thing and started massaging and yanking on it slowly. He began to buck his hips and said it feels so weird, he tried to slide away and i said relax, is this your first time. He said Yeah !! I said relax and let it happen because it will feel crazy good and stuff with shoot out all over the place but its normal. I told him that i know how to do it. It did not take long and it shot all over the place and he went nuts with pleasure. So much came out it amazed me. I said "now don't you feel better"? He said oh yeah. The amount of stuff that came out of boys and hit the walls of that tree house was amazing, it just dried up and disappeared. But just going up into it made me horny even without a boy with me, i don't know why maybe the scent of boys.

I hid in the closet and watched my mom and dad do it. Wow that was educational. I saw my brothers walk around naked when i was 7, they let me touch their stuff a lot. I saw my step dad, uncle, the neighbor man, my grandpa. This kid came over and i watched him pee, ha ha.

How old were you when you saw them? Must have been exciting but shooking?

I was 7 when i got curious and started asking them to let me see them and feel everything. I thought it was cool that i could kick, hit or squeeze their balls and make them bend over in pain. They ran from me. ha ha

I'd have to say
3 female cousins
And that's about it I think

When I was circumcised at 16 around 50 family members and guest saw me

me: father, mother, sister, 3 uncles, aunt, 2 female cousin, 3 male cousin!