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Naked Road Trip

When I was twenty years old, I had just finished my second year in college, and engaged to my first husband. My older brothers and I decided to go on a road trip during the summer. We packed the car up and took off, the problem was that the went out on us and this was in the middle of July. I remember my brothers and I were so hot that we took all our clothes off and drove completely naked. I remember none of us wearing a single stitch of clothing, the only we did wear clothes was to walk in a diner or a shops along the way. And when we stayed at motels we went skinny dipping in the pool at nights. We had a fun filled time.
mal0980 mal0980 26-30, F 5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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Who had the biggest penis?

All three of my older brothers have pretty big penis's

Good job more family should be like you and your brother

Thank you, I agree. I love my brothers and we are very close.

u got an amazin experience

Thanks :)

That's awesome! Yes being naked is so much more comfortable

I agree. Being naked is comfortable and especially in the heat.

what a great way to spend family time together -- i'm sure it brought you closer.

Yes it brought my brothers and I closer together, especially on this naked trip. We hadn't seen each other in months because we are all going to different colleges and my oldest brother just got married. So we decided this trip would bring us closer as siblings.