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Growing Up With My Step-Sister

When I was about 10 I could never understand my older brothers who always talked about girls. But when I was 10 I finally understood it after seeing my step sister who was 17 naked. I was going around the house to take out all the trash ,and I went to get my step sisters trash. As I walked in without knocking I saw my older step sister in her panties and no bra on. I was then greeted with "What the hell are you doing in here!". I responded with "Sorry, I only came to get your trash so you wouldn't have to take it out yourself." While I answered her back I stared hard. Her **** looked so perfect. Then as she seemed pissed I said "I'll get it later." and left. The second time I saw her naked was on vacation. We went swimming together late at night after the parents went to sleep. I remember thinking how beautiful she looked swimming with under the stars in the pool with lights shinning on us from under the water. We went up to change ,and I walked in on her when she took her bottoms off ,and said sorry then closed the door quick before she said something. I remember staying up that night thinking about her ***, and how it made me feel weird. the next day on the beach she went topless, and got me to be the lookout while she took her top off and sunbathed. Seeing her breast up close was glorious. When we went home I went straight for the bathtub, and me and her shared a bathroom. I got in ,and she walked in without knocking and she said sorry and left but she came back cause she had to use the bathroom. She told me to cover up my eyes while she came in. After she sat down I opened my eyes and chatted with her while she took a ****. Then I said check out my tan line from the beach and stood up. She stared but not at my tan line. When I got out she took a bath. I walked in on her when she was done. All she had on was a towel. She dropped her bathing suit from the beach and I watched her bend over. I was shocked at what I saw. I saw her ***** for the first time, and it made me super hard. After I saw that all I wanted to do was jump on her like an animal. We had other times like these.
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Great story! I can totally picture it. Thanks for all the detail. Please share the other times. :)

That's awesome!

I grew up in a clothing opp home, during summer months I saw my sister naked almost every day. We shared the bathroom while getting ready for school.

Damn you are lucky

would love to see her pics

Me too!