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Growing Up As A Child

When I was about 5 to about 8 I use to share bath time with family members like my Dad, Mom, middle brother, and my cousins. I remember taking a shower or bath with my mom or dad. I was attached to my mom so I mostly took baths with her. I miss being bathed by my mom and being pressed up to her bare warm skin. I use to love after being cleaned laying between her breast in the warm water just relaxing with her. My dad took showers with me more than baths. I can still recall him cleaning me, and turning around only to be face to face with his large member cause I was short for the longest time. I asked him how come he was so harry all over his body, and he just said it comes with getting older. He then said one day you will be as harry as me, and I would respond my butt and everything. Then he would smile and say yep. I remember showering with my mom once but it was different than with my dad he would be in and out. I stood in the shower, and watched as my mom cleaned her self, and her long curly blond hair. She would then turn around, and similar to my dad I ended up face to face with her bush, and I would stare. She would sit on the shower bench and put me between her legs and cleaned me with her soft hands. My favorite part was when she would clean my butt, and penis then she would put me in her lap and clean my feet and legs. My brothers and me bathed together a lot so it kind of faded out of my memories besides the fact we were always playing around. I bathed with my female cousin who was also 7 at the time. When she got undressed her dad would make me close my eyes until she got in. Then he would watch us the whole time and tell me not to be trying to peak at her under the water. Which she got in a little trouble for peeking at me. I can still recalling looking at her beautiful flat chest. She looked so cute wet, and naked. After we got out we went to her room to play, and she asked to see my penis I said no cause of the threats her father told me. Then she said pretend to get something under my bed so I did and she pulled my pants down and kissed my butt cheek. I pulled up my pants quick. I had no idea she was very horny. But I probably should have known with all the stuff she was asking me to do. I did feel up under her shirt on her perky nipples cause she asked me if I wanted to, but it was quick.
deleted deleted 26-30 Jan 24, 2013

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