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Saw My Sister Naked Numerous Times

When I was little, my sister and I bathed together all the time. This is how we both learned that boys and girls bodies are different. I was probably five at the time, which would have made her three. It was totally innocent because we were so young.

As we got older, it became more embarrassing to see her naked. Once we both hit puberty, the innocence was a thing of the past.

The last time I saw her naked was a good example. I live in her basement. The laundry room is also down there. She also uses it as a changing room. One time she had the door almost closed. I went in to get some food from the refrigerator she lets me use. As soon as I entered, she let me know she was there by making a noise.

A few minutes later she came out. I was still nervous about what had happened. She said that she was over it and that I should just forget about it.
2029Wren 2029Wren 46-50, M 1 Response May 9, 2013

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Too bad the innocence didn't continue. You wouldn't have had to interrupt your trip to the refrigerator.