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Cousin (Female)

When we were young (less than 10-12 yrs) all of us spend a lot of time with each other in holidays. And many times we went to lake/pond/canal for having some fun time and swimming. Few times we did skinny dipping too but that was when we were kids. Now we have grown (22-26 yrs).
I have seen my cousin sisters many times during changing till this day but mostly there back or legs.
Few times I have seen my cousins (without her knowing) in their tops (long ones of knee or lower thigh length with a side slit from below the waist) and panties too. So their panties are visible too.
Few days back we all were enjoying our holiday. One day was going in the bathroom as i was feeling a very strong sensation to pee. Bathroom was preoccupied by my cousin(not quite cousin but a distant relation) but i was unaware of this. i pushed the door and door somehow opened and i ran towards the commode and i heard shocked female shout. But it was such a great sense of urgency that i first thought of peeing and while doing this i turned my head and found my cousin trying to grab her towel. she was totally naked. she shouted on me how i opened the door since it was locked. I was still in business. she had a look at my male organ and was still very shocked. I said i was in very urgency and pushed the door hard.
Then I said dont mind its ok. she smiled and asked me to leave and asked me to keep my mouth shut about what i saw as it was my fault. ;)

After this in the same evening we went to our form land. It is quite big in area and in the center a small hut like set up. We talked about the incident and she told me that it was not a big deal as we had seen each other during our skinny dipping in younger years. I teased her that lets go again if you have guts. to my surprise she was on. She said first you but this should be between us.
Then I get naked and went in to the water tank and asked her to come. She undone her cloths and started to come towards the tank. she has an amazing pair of boobs and very nice figure. I was such a turn on for me that i was hard on. She came into the tank and sat in the tank as it was a 2 ft depth. The she noticed about my rock hard penis and started to laugh. I said whats the matter and she said that you seems quite thrilled about my body and i can say that you are liking this very much as your penis is expressing. ;)
I told her that her nice curvy figure has done this.
We sat for some time in the tank then we walked along the hut still naked. after some more talking we take our cloths wore them and return to our home.
that was the first time i saw her naked in our full youth days and after this me had been more closer than ever. :)
sahil062 sahil062 26-30, M Sep 7, 2013

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