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Accidentally Saw Daughter

  My wife has had a fantasy of being filmed without prior knowledge. One day I came home from work early and my wife was in the shower so I set up the camcorder to surprise her. I left before she got out so she would not suspect anything. Later that day I returned home and retrieved the camcorder. But it turned out that I was the one in for a surprise. Our daughter had stopped home between classes at college and was the one that I taped in all her glory. I must say that even though she is my daughter, she has developed quite nicely! I almost forgot how firm an 18 year olds body could be. To be honest, I got the hardest erection I have had in a long time!

kjk4052 kjk4052 36-40 22 Responses Nov 29, 2009

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mmmm how I wish I could see what you taped.

Ok. So she's cute and you got hard.
The Experience Project is all about sharing. For it to work, we must be resposible with what we share as well as respectful of what others share. With that being said...
It digusts me to read of a dad that "accidentally" films his naked daughter w/o her consent, gets hard watching the video and publish the story like if it's okay.
Man, what you did, accidentally or not, is ilegal in most places I know. And your reaction to it is morally wrong and could lead you to trouble with your daughter, your family and society in general. It considered a pervertion. And thats not to mention God and the Bible.

Him getting hard is NOT morally wrong. Morals are things that we know and we decide to do what is moral, or what is not moral. Getting hard is just a natural physical reaction.

Posting the story...that may be immoral. Filming, that would normally be considered immoral, in most circumstances.

Today, there is WAY too much rejection of how our animal instincts affect our lives. We are animals, and we have been animals for more than 7 million years. We have only been human about 100,000 years.

at least she was 18. i got in trouble for mine. shes grown now and were still close. shes sexier than ever at 25.

My brother came into my room naked and turned around and flashed me. When he bent over I could see his balls hanging down as he wiggled they swung back and forth. So I jumped up and kicked between his legs hard with the top of my bare foot. It felt like I kicked a sponge. He hit the floor and writhed around in terrible pain. I told him that he should not offer those things to my foot so openly. He coughed and nearly threw up and could not get up for 1/2 hour, I must have crushed his nuts good. I was thinking how easy it was to kick his testicles and how good it worked, he was helpless. I must have ruptured him a few dozen times that same year and he could not prevent one of them. I finally got him to let me kneel in front of him and feel his testicles to see why they hurt so bad from kicks. After I felt and squeezed them some I knew why. After that I played with him every night and learned about guys bodies real good, it came in handy when I got a boyfriend. My first boyfriend went to the movies with me and I just reached over and grabbed his stuff and he froze in shock. I played and he got super hard then I unzipped his pants and leaned over in his lap and was shocked to get shot with juice after just about two minutes with it in my mouth. WOW, did he go off fast !!! I loved it when I got guys that never did it before, they were so exciting to me. It made me feel like I was the best !!!

I have had much the same experience with my youngest son{now31} and have ENJOYED MUCH more than a mere vision. wink, wink. And my dad, and my brother, and my uncles, and my father in law, and my brother in law. Oh yes and my sister.

My big step brother was sleeping during the day when I was about 7 and I snuck into his room and crawled under his covers between his legs to see what he looked like. He did not have any clothes on at all. I could see his thing and big balls laying there in a loose bag. I reached up and felt it all and was fascinated with how his balls felt, so slippery. I rolled them around and played and gave little squeezes to see if he would react to it, he did move some and I saw his belly and leg muscles tighten up. I learned what things do when you play with a guy. I also learned more about why guys are so tender there. I got hot doing it, I was a horny kid believe me. My mom came in and I laid still and she left not knowing that I was laying there with a handful of my brothers balls under the covers, ha ha. I slid back out and when I started to walk off I saw my step brother looking at me smiling. I smiled and he said are you going to come back tonight, I said can I ? He said sure. That night I did it again and then sat on him with his thing in front of my crotch and a lot of slippery juice came out of him and it made it slick when I rubbed it. I held it against me and moved up and down and all around, his balls felt so good rubbing my butt and I learned how good and exciting guys feel against you. A BUNCH of stuff bubbled out all over my hands and me and it was so cool, he groaned and obviously it made him feel super good, and me too. After a few years I started to slid it in me then the fireworks intensified, boy did we do it a lot.

When I was 6 I remember seeing my brother when he wrestled with me. He was wearing underwear and he was 14 and throwing me around. He got over me and was holding a pillow and acting like he was going to hit me with it. I could see up the leg of his underwear perfectly clear, right in my face. I saw his stuff hanging down and swinging around. I remember thinking how neat his balls looked, so delicate and so big just hanging there. One was lower than the other one and the bag was real loose. I reached up and snatched one of his balls into my hand and he froze, he said careful with that. I tried to squeeze it some but it slipped out of my hand, so I tried grab the other one, it slipped out too. I did this a few times and he did not move at all. Then I figured out how to trap it in my hand and squeezed down and saw his reaction and his belly tighten up. I made him do a bunch of things and he was helpless, it made me feel so strong. Now I knew why boys reacted like they do when they get kicked there, they were soft. I could only get one in my hand because they were so big so I reached in with the other hand and got one in each hand, then he really was helpless. Just before I decided to run I dug my fingers in as hard as I could, he curled up and groaned. I ran and looked back and he was curled up. I went back and said I did I hurt you bad. He just groaned and laid there for a long time. I did rub them for a long time and the pain went away.

That's sick. Get your damn head on straight or you'll turn into a sexually abusive father. And if you even fantasize about touching her I hope you develop cancer of the *****.

Livinglarge46, there is a big difference between admiring the beauty of your daughter and taking Biden video tales of her and perving over her. It's disgusting and if you don't think so then imagine what would happen if the authorities found that video. That's right, he'd be thrown in jail. So don't try to tell me this guy is not sick and disgusting. It is abusive behaviour.

Let's see the film

mmmm wish i could have seen that video.

Why dont you secretly record one of your daughter and watch it with your pastor and local prosecutor? That should be fun.

I think it is funny that guys come to read these things then say "oh you are so wrong and are disgusting" but why are they drawn here to read them????? makes you wonder who is disgusting huh?

EXACTLY!!! They want to do it to, but can't admit it to anyone, or to themselves. It is natural when a guy sees a hot girl that it stirs his animal instincts to mate.

I sat on my uncles lap when I was 7 and felt lumps in his pants and they moved when I wiggled around. Now and then he would jerk when I bounced or wiggled the right way and could feel something slip away. I had to know so one day I was sitting on him under a blanket and I moved over beside him and put my head under the blanket, I could see just fine. I reached over and played with the lumps and unzipped his pants and stuck my hand in, he was shocked. I felt two slippery balls and his thing which were huge. I found out that when I raked my fingers over or squeezed the slippery balls that this was what made him jerk, they were very tender. He tried to get me to stop but just eventually leaned back and enjoyed it. I had complete control over him. I was fascinated with the stuff that came out when I jerked on him a few times.

My step dad saw me take a shower at this outdoor shower at the beach one evening, I thought I was alone. I slipped off my bikini to clean the sand out of it. I turned around and he was standing there by a little building next to the shower looking at me. I said oops. He commented on how amazing my body was. I said thanks and told him that I had seen him take a shower too. He said really? I said yeah a few years ago I saw all your stuff and it was nice. He took his clothes off and walked over to me and got under the shower with me, I was turned on. I turned around and he hugged me and I felt his thing press hard into my butt and he had a *** in each hand. I reached back and grabbed his balls and squeezed real firm and he bent over some and I told him that I would control what happened. He groaned. Then I eventually bent over and let him go in me and get off, it was so big.
He said were you going to hurt my balls, I said if you would have gone to fast up front I would have ruptured you most likely. He said that turned him on so much.

Ditto to what "Curious In Kansas" said!

I saw my daughters naked almost daily as they grew up in a clothing opp home but it was never a sexual thing with me as they were my kids.

That is one sick fantasy!!! Like said above parent I don't know if you even deserve that title after a fantasy like that YOU ARE MESSED UP turned on by your naked daughter Get some psyciatric help.SICK

Does the word PARENT not mean anything to you ? sick sick sick !

I find this rather disturbing that you got sexually aroused and *********** to your daughter's electronic image. I have to strongly agree about reply that said that you should have erased it as soon as you realized that it was your daughter.<br />
<br />
Not to mention the legal aspects of video recording the bathroom when someone is in there. Even if it is a family member it still breaking the law.<br />
<br />
This is so wrong on so many aspects.

Wow! You must be very surprised when you see it.

This is the creepiest story ever

A considerate father would have immediately turned off and then erased the tape the second he realized it was her daughter.

Even if she is your daughter, after all she is girl. It is natural to have an erection when you see any girl naked that young.

nothing wrong in that, I bet you *********** as well, I once saw stepdaughter naked at 16 and came as soon as I touched my erection!