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Naked In The Hospital

My wife’s (female) cousin is a doctor.  I was in the hospital for a routine colonoscopy, and she stopped by to visit me.  She was wearing her scrubs, and I was lying on a table in the hospital gown.  In comes the nurse to prep me.  She chats with me for a minute, and then lifts up my gown to start the prep.

I know my cousin is a doctor, and I am sure she has seen many penises before.  We see my cousin and her husband socially often, and I wonder what she thinks each time she sees me.

deleted deleted 26-30 1 Response Mar 2, 2010

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I was in the hospital for a few days. Minor complications from a hernia operation (day surgery, right). I should have worn a tee shirt and no bottoms. Everyone wanted to look there. I had med students, student nurses, student physical therapists, and students I could not figure out what they were studying.

They were studying about a ****......