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Brother And Sister, Naked Together In The Bathroom, And Being Obnoxious To Each Other

I am new here, but a friend mentioned that you can anonymously share experiences, so here goes.

My sister and I are twins.  I am loud, but she is a real fireball.  When we were both 16, we stayed in the downstairs bedrooms, and my parents upstairs.  There were three bedrooms downstairs.  My sister had one, I had one, and there was a guest room.  There was a hall bathroom between my bedroom and my sister’s.  The guest room had a bathroom that had a second door onto the hall.  No lock on the door between the guest room and the guest bathroom.  That is where things got interesting.

I go up, and wanted to take a shower.  The door the bathroom we shared was closed, so I thought my sister was taking a pee.  I went off to the guest bathroom, which I entered through the hall.  The door to the guest room was shut.  I proceeded to take a shower.  During the shower, I realized that I needed to pee quite badly.  I held off, wanting to finish my shower.  Finally, I was done with the shower, and jumped out.  I did not grab a towel, I headed straight for the toilet.

Unknown to me, my sister had been sleeping in the guest room.  Her room had been painted, and she did not like the smell.  Because there were two doors, you had to stand right next to one of the doors to pee.  Just as I was starting, the door opens, and my sister is standing there wearing only panties.

You would think that she would say excuse me, or sorry.  But my sister and I did not have that kind of relationship.  Now we were both virgins, and I had seen only magazine pictures and I don’t know what she had seen.  I remember the conversation vividly, and my sister and I have told the story (together) multiple times, so what follows is a fairly accurate account that we both agree on.

She said “I have to pee, move.”  I responded “I have to pee, and I was here first.”  She said “Ladies first.”  I said “is that why you are showing me your ****, so I know you are a lady?”  She replied “How come you’re looking so hard.  You haven’t taken your eyes off my breasts.”  I replied “because they’re 6 inches from my face, and even though they are small they are hard to miss”.  (Now we disagree on what I said.  She says I replied “because you’re sticking those small things in my face”).

She said “Well haven’t you seen breasts before?  I saw you trying to look down at *****’s cleavage.  Don’t tell me you weren’t.”  I replied “Those **** were partially covered, and yours are out and about.  But *****’s **** were much bigger than yours, and the amount that was showing on one *** was more than the total of both your **** when you’re naked”  (I was mean, wasn’t I).  She replied “I really need to pee, hurry up”.  She then removed her panties.

I said “Use the bathroom in the hall”.  She replied “I am not going there, I’m naked, can’t you tell”.  I said “Whose going to see you?  Mom and Dad left for work already, I am looking at your **** right now anyway.”

Then she grabs her breasts in a supporting manner, and says “You know these are breasts, and all girls have them.  They have nipples at the end.  Some day, you’ll have some to play with, but not these.”  (She denies the comments about the nipple and grabbing the breasts, but I was there and know what happened).

I then said “You are sure staring at my penis intently.”  She replied, “Well, I am allowed to look at your penis and testicles all I want, because I am naked too.  I’ll look at your pubic hair too.  Besides, your penis is 4 inches from my face, and hard to miss, even though it is so tiny.  Tell me, is that tiny penis with an erection?”  (She was getting back at me for the small **** remark).

She continued “and you are sure looking a lot at my vagina.  Look all you want, but that’s all you get to do.  I am your sister, and that penis of yours will never enter my vagina.  Probably too small to reach anyway.”  (This is the part where she always blushes when we tell the story together.  But she doesn’t deny saying any of it.  And, nothing makes her blush.)

Well, I was done, and she was sitting on the toilet even before I had moved away.  I guess she had to go.  And, she didn’t bother to shut the door when she returned to the guest room to dress.

Well, my sister and I were never completely naked together again, but things were more relaxed.  We used to study together, and she would remove her shirt, put on a nightshirt, slip her bra out from the shirt, then change her panties.  And I used to change underwear with her in the room.  We both saw plenty of each other, but after that bathroom experience, it all seemed so routine.

As you can imagine, my sister and I are great friends, and our kids get along great.

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great story - would have loved that with my sisters

U SHOULD have drilled her


loved the story

What a LOL story. Loved it.

this friend of my brothers came into my room when I was naked, I was putting on a bikini, he laughed and ran up to me to get a feel or something. I kicked out and got his balls and he fell and groaned and curled up for a long time. I put on my bikini while he watched. He said my *** was perfect and had super nice **** and a good kick too. I sat down on his thighs and rubbed his balls and lower tummy until he could move again. Then i noticed he was super hard so i pulled his pants off and told him that i wanted to make sure his balls were not ruptured. Really i wanted to sit on his thing and get him off, so i did and he went nuts. He said it felt so damn good.

It's a lovely story, I never got the opportunity to see my sister completely naked though I tried my best to have a sneaky peek. Now and again she'd let her bathrobe fall open 'accidentally' to give me a view of her pert, freckled little boobs! :)

I went into the bathroom to see what guys had in their pants. My older step brother was taking a shower he was 14 and i was 7. I watched him through the curtain then peeked around the end of it and saw his stuff good. he saw me watching and i asked him if i could join him, he said ok. I bumped up against his body over and over and he knew that i wanted to feel him. I got the courage and just reached out and started washing and rubbing his stuff and he got real hard. That was so cool and i laughed. I kept rubbing it with soap on my hand and it got huge and finally shot stuff all over my chest. I continued rubbing it with one hand and his balls with the other. It is such a treasured experience to have it with such a buff simply fantastic example of a male.

interesting story there's not many who decide to share stories like that in public so fare play to ya for doin that

like your story

I grew up in a clothing opp family, I saw my sister naked almost daily, nudity was never an issue as we were able to be naked from toddlers through our teens.

cool story. something like that happened to me to

U Should have drilled her

I hope u nailed her