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My Daughter and Her Friends Were Skinny Dipping At The Pool Party

My 17-year-old daughter had about a half-dozen female friends from the swim team at the house for a sleepover.  My wife was a little angry at me for agreeing to this, so she told me, “they were all your responsibility”.  She was going to stay upstairs with our two high-school aged sons, and our 11-year-old daughter.  I was to provide food, figure out where they would sleep, etc.

The girls were in the family room, which opened onto the pool in our back yard.  I was in the kitchen reading.  It was a warm June night, and I knew the girls were going swimming.  They were all strong swimmers, and I was going to be able to watch them through the large windows in the kitchen and make sure everyone remained safe.

My daughter entered the kitchen wearing only a bra and underwear.  She said, “The girls and I have decided to go skinny-dipping, and would I please bring out some towels”.  As she was talking, she removed her bra and then her panties.

I had seen my daughter in various stages of undress, but not quite this way.  When I was in her room, she thought nothing of removing her top and bra, and putting on a T-shirt preparing for bed.  She also would pee without closing the door.  And if I was in the shower, that was an open invitation to enter and use the bathroom.  We had also undressed together in hotel rooms on trips to look for colleges, but she usually took off on piece of clothing and replaced it with another.

I went upstairs and informed my wife of the situation, and suggested it would be best if she supplied the towels.  She responded, “I told you that you were responsible for everything.  Just because there are naked girls does not get you out of that obligation.”  She continued, “And I am sure they are quite attractive naked, especially E****.  You may get you a little excited.  Don’t come up here later and expect any action.  I am way too tired for sex tonight.”

So, I grabbed the towels and brought them out to the girls, now all naked and enjoying the pool.  These girls did not look like the naked Playboy girls, nor did they look like models.  But they all had the well-toned body of athletes.  They looked good naked.

I remained in the kitchen with an excellent view.  From time to time, the girls would come in for water, snacks, etc.  They were wet and naked, and looked good.  I was wondering if my sons were looking out their windows at the show.

I knew all of these girls from the swim team, and was surprised how willing they were to be totally naked in front of me.  They made no attempt to cover up.  One of the girls even chatted with me for about 5 minutes about her college plans while standing completely naked in my kitchen.

Finally, after a few hours, they were done, and came in and “dressed” for bed.  Of course, what some of them slept in was quite revealing.

It is tough being the parent of a teenage girl.

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Almost same happened to me with a soccer team. We had our yearly end of summer season party with the kids. It was still warm and the sun was shining. The kids decided to throw water ballons at each other and were getting pretty fast wet. A few mothers were involved and I was building up the tents in a distance. I saw them stopping throwing ballons but starting to undress. They had built 2 teams and were competing inthe game "the longest line" which is a game to form a line with your clothes. The longest line wins. As the were all in their underwear, one team decided to undress also the bras to extent their line. The other team responded and had more girls- so more bras. The first team then also used their panties , covering up with pieces of hard paper. They actually won - due to all clothes being still wet, they headed over to the showers, but stopped in the tent area to pick up their towels. They dropprd the paper and wrapped towels around them without being shy.

Lol the poster of this article got deleted. This is trash.

Very nice! :)

The age says "26-30" . . . and this story was posted four years ago. I'm sort of doubting that some who was max 26-years old (four years ago) is the father of a teenage girl. This is nothing short of a perverted fantasy.

I agree I'm the farther of a teenager I've never seen her naked have no intrest in doing so same with her friends. Grow up people.


you where one lucky dad...

Skinny dipping is fun!

It sure is tough being a dad to a teenage daughter on a swim team :)

Did you get hard when she was talking to you about her plans?

wow wonderful viewing.. i want to swim with them also naked.

I bet.

Good fantasy.

you are 26-30?
if this was true, which it is not, What a thrill just to see them...however, girls are usually modest and in a group you may encounter a few who are not but no way could the entire group be un-modest! second, any wife would not allow their husband to be around nude teen girls, let alone handing out towels and being in light conversation.
sorry; don't believe it plus, authorities may frown on such displays of underage nudity and as will their parents. BS story.

that's rather funny. you mention under age girls? tell me this, what under age girl goes to college? or makes plans for college? these had to be at least 18 yr old girls. and where i'm from? 18 makes one an adult......not underage. get a life, and join the REAL world? and get out of your fantasy world you're living in.

Too funny! And too hot too! It must suck to be punished so by your wife!

What did their ******* look like?

Nudity was not an issue at my house, so skinny dipping and tanning was very common with my sister and 2/3 of her friends. My sister and myself were able to be naked from very young, we wore very little or nothing in the summer months so seeing her naked was daily but seeing other naked teenage girls was cool, and yes they saw me naked too.

Hard to tell, but these days girls are pretty bold. Plus, this was the perfect excuse to see what they could get away with, which is a definitely female thing. The part about the wife I don't buy unless she was in on it. I can imagine these girls having a bet as to how long this guy could keep his cool. Anyway, great story either way.

Hard to tell, but these days girls are pretty bold. Plus, this was the perfect excuse to see what they could get away with, which is a definitely female thing. The part about the wife I don't buy unless she was in on it. I can imagine these girls having a bet as to how long this guy could keep his cool. Anyway, great story either way.

Excellent memorable situation...those girls are confident!

It just shows how comfortable and safe they feel around you, or they would have worn swimsuits or panties to swim in.

If this did happen.. then it was all to tease you. bet they knew that you were watching from the window. a good story and hard on

She responded, “I told you that you were responsible for everything. Just because there are naked girls does not get you out of that obligation.” LMAO

My problem with this is that everyone assumes that men get hard-ons when they are around naked girls. I was once ina situation where my daughter and several others were at the lake and we were camping. they asked if they could go skinny dipping, and I said sure, and tehy started to remove their clothes right there. One girl who is well built and is extremely beautiful asked if i would stay here and watch for other people coming and to watch her because she did not swim well and there were some places where the mud would grab you. I said sure and she walked over with nothing but her swim bottoms on and hugged me and kissed my cheek. She then turned and dropped her bottoms and walked slowly to the water. i never did get hard. If you cannot control yourself any better tahn immediately getting a hard on, you must be a two minute lover. They also slowly dried off in front of me and dressed slowly as they talked. It was enjoyable to watch their young bodies but they were friends and i controlled myself.

This can happen if we experience the nakedness among the family members for a quite long time. The other girls are also from nudist family. if they are the beginner of naked-being people still may encounter difficulty to openly easy mind bare infront of non family. <br />
<br />
Anyway interesting writing

not if there hoes thay do anything

Nice fictional story.

My goodness, that was an interesting story. It almost sounds like a fantasy rather than a real story. I'm afraid that if that happened to me I would first have a terminal priapism, and then a fatal heart attack. And if I survived those two, I would get inextricably caught in a never ending story of visions with naked teenage girls unmercifully teasing me and never being able to get off. All in all, it was a very good story and one that will bring sweet dreams tonight (and even though I'm a bit old to have them, perhaps wet dreams as well).

There's no way you could have made it through that without sprouting a ***** so hard that it ripped your underwear.

lol<br />
<br />
fantastic story

such bullshit

it could be real although highly unlikely

Well if you think about it, with all of the stories that are submitted to the site, there was bound to be at least one like this.