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In The Bathroom With My Naked Daughter

My Daughter was about 16 at the time, and came home from High School, and announced she had lice.  Well, neither she nor my wife wanted to deal with it, so Dad had to take care of it.  This requires applying various chemicals, combing the hair, showers, etc.  You do not want the lice to jump to one’s clothes, pubic hair, the towels, etc.

We entered the bathroom with me in my briefs, she was wearing a T-shirt and panties.  While we had seen each other in underwear at times, it was not an everyday occurrence.  The directions on the lice treatment said to wet her hair, so into the shower.  The wet T-shirt then covered nothing.  I began to brush, then a bug jumped onto my underwear.  They immediately had to come off.  A few more bugs, and her panties and then her T-shirt had to come off.  So here we are, completely naked, treating lice in the bathroom.  I was surprised at how sexy my daughter looked naked, but did not allow myself to really think about it.  For her part, I saw her observing my now-uncovered body parts.

She was very concerned about lice in her pubic hair.  So, I had to comb through her pubic hair.  Weird to touch her pubic hair, clitoris, vagina, etc.  I also needed to clean the top of her hair.  For part of this, she had to kneel down.  I later realized that she was looking directly at my (limp) penis, and that a numbder of times it pressed against her face as I was combing her hair.  Not your typical father-daughter experience.

My daughter has long hair, so the process took about an hour.  And, the process needed to be repeated three times in the next two weeks.  But the remaining times we just started undressed.

Having seen my daughter naked, I now worry when she goes out on dates.  Before the lice incident, she was my little girl (despite clear outward appearances of her being grown up).  Afterward, I realized that guys might have an interest in what lies beneath her fairly laid back style of dressing.

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Well brushing her pubic hair and feeling her **** had to be don't for the lice and your penis hanging infront of her face and pressed against her face was not intended in a sexual way so there is nothing wrong with that .

You and your daughter handled the
lice situation in a calm, rational way.

As to the interests that guys do (and will have) in your daughter-all that you can realistically hope for is-as a result
of good parenting-she will make wise decisions.

Is it weird that I got a hard on reading that story even though it wasn't sexual?

I got into the tub with my step dad one time when i was 7. He put his head on the back of the tub and went asleep !! I snuck my foot down to his stuff which i could see pretty clear and felt it with my toes. I felt his balls and thing real good. Then i got the nerve to reach down and use my hand. I juggled his balls gently and felt the shape of them and he got real hard (big). He woke up and i pulled my hand back and as he raised his head up he said oops and his thing was partially above the water and hard as a rock. I just stared at it in amazement and he looked at me and said it does that sometimes like it has a mind of its own. I laughed because i did it.


like your story

nice well told story.

This is a hottt story

did she say or do anything when your penis pressed against her face?

i think u handled the situation pretty was a mature way to deal with such situation. nudity it this case was not usual but i was dealt with in a healthy harmless way......really appreciate!