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As some of you may know, I am a senior in high school. Today in gym class( i have an elective gym class)several girls in my class got into a minor fight. We were playing team dodgeball and one girl was hit in the head with a dodgeball ten times. If you are hit in the head in my class you aren't out and the person who threw the ball is. But, the girls who were throwing the balls refused to go out, claiming that Maya(the girl who was hit) was the one who was out. Of course, the coach is oblivious to everything going on. So, for the final time someone threw a ball at Maya's head, which hit her face and she snapped. Now, this isn't the only time things like this has happened. This has been going on since all of those girls were friends in fifth grade. One day, someone did something. I wasn't there at the time so I don't know what, and now they hate each other. Well, when Maya snapped she ran after this one girl Brianna, who was the main thrower and started flailing her arms like crazy. She balled her hand into a fist and WHAM! Hit Brianna in the face. Still, the teachers have no idea what's going on. Some other girls are holding Maya back while she and Brianna scream at each other. Maya: You are such a ****! You are a f****** a******. I can't believe I used to be friends with you. I hate you. You are a c****. Brianna: Same to you. Maybe you should lose some weight and then, maybe I'll be able to look at you without puking. I hate you too. You're a c****. Whatever Maya. Go to hell.

Finally the coach turns around screaming at all of them. Maya runs to the locker room crying and the rest of the girls were to sit on the bleachers. Some of the most honest people tell the coach everything and he talks to all the girls individually. Meanwhile, some girl named Gabby and another girl name Jonna are screaming at each other because Gabby made a not so nice video of Jonna calling her fat and posting it online for everyone to see. The coach sorted them out too, but they still hate each other. What it really is: Ex-best friends can't sort out there differences. What I call it: "Populars" vs. "Losers" Because all the people who think they are soo cool(Brianna, Gabby, those girls) hate all the losers(we aren't really losers, just their definition of losers.) me, Maya and my friends. I can't wait for Monday to see all those girls again. It's going to be soo fun. Today was pretty funny. I hate to be the girl who thinks that other people fighting are funny, but it just was.
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Fight b/w girl like ***** biting each other....

Definitely. It was pretty funny, to see one girl against five swinging her arms like a windmill.

sure is one interesting school.

Yup, high schoolers. We don't know what to do with ourselves.