Assorted "Missles" Flying About

While on board the USS Coral Sea we visited Singapore. Along w/ us in port was the Australian Navy. And at this time representatives of both navies were at a cafeteria establishment off of Victoria Square. Everyone was drinking a lot of beer, I know I was getting quite lit myself!

I'm not sure who started the "friendly" cat calls / insults yelled at each side, but as usual in this atmosphere they soon became more amplified & personal. "F*** you" was the overall favorite, together with some lovely imaginative descriptions of the members of each other's Navy. Why even each other's geographical location was insulted!

And then various food stuffs were thrown over to us from the Aussies. I can say safely here that they did launch half eaten hamburgers etc. first! Next we tossed over more & better sized & well aimed food stuff missles. The tossed stuff really began to get numerous, it was quite a sight! It was like numerous arches of trajectories yards deep, I kid you not!

OK, then it got serious w/ beer bottles & glass ashtrays, & that's when I got the hell out of there! I picked up my bottle of Guiness stout & pitcher of some beer or other & went out to the the open area of the Square. I was glad I was such a wuss, because the Singapore police showed up & they were not playing around.

Note: There is a general rule for visiting ports overseas I learned from the "old salts" & I fortunately remembered it at this juncture. And they were emphatic about naming the Asiatic ports we visited often etc. If their police show up, run immediately, get the hell out of Dodge, do not get caught!

Anyway, sometime later I spoke to some shipmates that had escaped this melee unscathed & they described the scene they witnessed as they were high tailing it. 

Anyone within arm's reach of their police felt a baton! And not a little tap to get someone's attention! This was a full blown repeated smack down on any & all; professionally (i.e. martial arts?) & exceedingly painfull! These guys who were telling me this were not like laughing about it at all, they were obviously shaken up by what they saw. You know how some experiences like this where there were no serious injuries, one can joke about it? Not the case here. I think it was the hand of God that got my blitzed a** out of there!

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