On the drive home from Sant Fe N.M. north to Taos,I went through a little community called Dixon.I don't know what compelled me to take this route.It was about 10:30 pm or so and my wife was with me.Now every so often there are crosses or little markers on the side of the road that indicate where someone was killed in an accident.As we past a couple of these I saw,standing by one a man,long dark hair,denim jacket, blue jeans just standing there.He looked Native American.As we past him,I noticed he was translucent,I could see the road sign behind him! I asked my wife,"did you see that?" she said she had and could not believe what she saw.As we drove on we saw two more like this,one was a female with a little girl also transluscent!We finally got home and told our teenage children what we saw.As we drove through that night I remember feeling anxious and the hair on my neck and arms standing straight up! I wondered just who were they,I felt bad for them,after all they were once corporeal like us.They too had dreams,wishes and hopes but now...lost...
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Wow. I believe you. I've seen a ghost before. Read my story on it of you want.

take a photo next time even if you see nothing at first and be descreet about it pretend its your wife your taking a photo of standing with that area behind her, but descretion is a must with this type of phenominom they actually dont want captured by camera they like to remain mystery.

Great advise 8pops! I will give it a try!

Very interesting.

Thank you,it was a very surreal experience,glad I witnessed it with someone!