Dreamt of a Relative In Heaven

I was dreaming one night and my great grandfather came to me. It was the second time something happened surpernatural about him. He looked good! I mean literally radiant! He spoke to me and said I am in heaven with Jesus. Tell your mother not to worry. The next morning I told my mom what he said. She started to cry and I asked her why. She said that he always told her not to worry and even wrote that on yearbooks and cards through her life. She said I had no way of knowing that and I agreed. She and I could not help but wonder that maybe we had contact from beyond the grave!!

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3 Responses Jun 20, 2009

thanks cjpsf5, welshbabe, and Riverswoman for your comments!!! I enjoyed them!!!

They say, ''your loved ones contact you through your dreams, so as not to frighten you'',! i believe it to be true,. Thank you for sharing, very interesting!! :-) xxxxxxxxxx

Very inspiring to dream it and tell your mom something he told her. Her whole life........