It Blacked Out The Whole View

this is when I was living in the condo with housemates.. I have a roommate and we had the view from a balcony through the sliding door and she liked to sleep with the curtains open at night so she could see the city lights.. there are a lot of lights.. so one night we were opening the curtains as usual and looking out when something zoomed in from the right and blacked out the whole view for a few seconds and exited to the left.. there were no lights.. and we couldn't see anything out of that window.. it wasn't a black out because you could still see the trees if there was one.. she was screaming "what was that.. did you see that???" I was too tired by then to be shocked or anything and fell asleep.. didn't think she slept that night...
amejad amejad
22-25, F
Aug 9, 2010