You know how hyper silly big dogs like pouncing people? Well this dog's ghost( I mostly felt it's presence and barely saw it's form, but I know it was a dog)appeared in my room from the walls facing outdoors and tried to pounce on me. We know ghosts can't touch the living(as far as I know) so it passed through me. I faintly felt something but I mostly shivered. That was one happy dog.
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oh my...good to know that you had the sensation of the dog being playful..

Yeah. I think it was one of those golden retrievers. It had droopy ears like one and was the same height as one, but the bit of fur I made out was a rusty color. Retrievers come in that color. I wonder who's dog it was?

well, whomever, the dog liked where he was, and how he was treated, and stayed..
I know nothing about hauntings by animals, so i have no idea if you should be cautious or not..perhaps google, and see what you can find.

I don't think I should be cautious. It looked happy and I could feel it was happy and silly. This happened five years ago and since then nothing supernatural has happened. May this dog stay happy and silly forever!


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