About To Get To The Club.

So as me and my mates were arriving at the club tonight we ducked into the closest ally to take a quick wizz. As soon as we turned into the ally a girl stopped us and told us not to go any further as her friend was peeing. Being polite I patently waited until I openly mentioned that I could wait no longer. I turn the corner of the ally to see this girl's friend just finishing up from a nice big squat. She started walking away with her friend and laughed and said "thanks". I went right to the corner where she went pee as my friends found other corners. There was a nice big puddle where she was. my **** started to get hard as the girl took one last look back at us and i begun to pee. I had a hard time getting it all out because of what I had just witnessed. I will be thinking about it all day tomorrow and I figured I just had to come on here and share. I only wished I had walked over there sooner.
kingslash kingslash
22-25, M
May 6, 2012