Park Pee Fun Part 1

When i was younger around 8 or 9 me and my mates would play over the park after was a large park surrounded by bushes with a small football pitch in the center.
We would always just run into the bushed to pee when we needed it is it was private from day me and a mate were in the bushes climbing the trees when one of the local girls of the same age appeared and joined us.
we all climbed together until i said i had to pee and jumped down, my mate joined me as we often peed together and had seen each other do it many times before so we went over to the back and got ready.
Just as we were about to go the girl came over to and said she had to go, we both shocked as we had not seen a girl pee before let alone a ***** but i liked the idea of it so we got ours out and peed on the floor while she watched and grinned at me all the time and after that she pulled down her knickers and lifted her skirt revealing the first ***** i had ever seen.She squatted and sprayed her pee out as we both watched in amazement, it was not a long pee but it was still amazing to see this happen.She seemed totally unfazed by us watching her pee and when she was done she just pulled up her knickers gave me a cheeky grin and got back in the tree.
Me and my mate could not believe it after what we had seen that day, our first bare ***** and peeing as well which was a massive turn on and probably led to my love of peeing today.

This was the first time i had done this but it turned out not to be the last........
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May 21, 2013